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Three Things About Writing I Learned From Moving

Posted by Julie on September 25, 2014 in About Me, Christians Read, Julie Arduini, Writing |

Did you know I’m one of the bloggers over at Christians Read? Vicki Hinze, Maureen Lang, Elizabeth Goddard, James L. Rubart, Hannah Alexander, Kathi Macias, Lynette Sowell, Sarah Goebel, Kristen Heitzmann and Yvonne Lehman are part of the Christians Read team. I blog opposite Maureen on Wednesdays.

This week I shared what I found to be true for me in writing while I was moving.

Can you relate?

Read on to find out.


I’m going back to unpack more boxes.


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And There, There, and There You’ll Find Me and My Writing

Posted by Julie on April 11, 2014 in About Me, Christians Read, encouragement, Julie Arduini, surrender, Writing |

I love to chat. Food. Current Events. Sports. What Jimmy Fallon did last night on The Tonight Show. What God’s showing me.

But sometimes I have to bring up discussion that’s more business related. I struggled with that for a long time but realized if I don’t talk about my writing and where to find it, there isn’t an opportunity to share resources God has for you to live free in Christ.

So that’s a talk I need to bring to you today. A bit of writing stuff is going on, and I want to let you know about it. If you want to tell others, I’d love that.

  • Match Made in Heaven. It’s not too late to join other Julie Arduini newsletter subscribers as they follow Beth Prescott and Dean Kellerman in Match Made in Heaven. It’s my contemporary romance that offers surrender issues, chocolate, and the Finger Lakes setting of Hammondsport, NY. The April issue offers archive links to previous installments as well as the current one. Subscribe for free in the right sidebar at and watch your inbox for activation.


  • Rose Blooms. This short story is one you can vote on, and I hope you do. My plan is to expand it this November as part of NaNoWriMo and write a rough draft as part of a new Finger Lakes contemporary romance series. Read and vote here.


  • To Write a Story. Valerie Comer was kind enough to let me stop by and share my plotting resources. If you wonder what goes on with fiction creation, read my process here.


  • Jasmine’s Place. Have you discovered the beautiful thing that is Jasmine’s Place? It’s an e-zine for women filled with articles and interviews on family, beauty, fashion, faith, cooking, and more. The publishers have been so kind to allow me to participate with each issue. I’ve been interviewed, wrote articles, shared short stories, and created blurbs. This is an international project and one I’m very proud to work with.


  • Christians Read. Did you know I blog every other Wednesday with Vicki Hinze, Kathi Macias, Sarah Goebel, James Rubart, Hannah Alexander, Maureen Lang, Beth Goddard, Tara Randel, Lynette Sowell, Yvonne Lehman, Kristen Heitzmann? Now Christians Read has a website, and I hope you bookmark it. You can read my posts, too.



  • Coming Soon. A couple years or so ago, a few of my FaithWriter challenge entries placed and were eligible to be part of the FaithWriter anthologies. The anthologies are taking shape so I’ll keep you updated. I’m also working with a group of authors on a project that will encourage a segment of women who could use the support. I should have news on that  front, too. Stay tuned!

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#UBP 14: 15 Facts about Julie Arduini

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

YAY! It’s here—the #UBP 14/2014 Ultimate Blog Party!


I’ve been an #UBP girl for years. If this is your first time, you will love it. I’m a total introvert, and this is my kind of party. Extrovert? Don’t worry. You’ll have amazing connections this week, too.

I invite you to stay as long as you want. It’s casual here.

In your pajamas?  No problem.

Didn’t shower yet? I can’t smell  tell.

What I can tell you is this blog is a safe place to discuss surrender issues.

My tagline is “Surrendering the good, the bad, and—maybe one day—the chocolate.”

It’s all true. I’ve surrendered fears. Hurts. Rejection. The past.

But I can’t give up Dove Bars. Thin Mints. Or when I’m really stressed, I knock back chocolate milk like shots.

And in it all, I know I’m not alone.

The more I surrender, the closer I draw to Christ.

He is for us, not against us.

We’re His beloved. We are His treasures.

Yes, even when we’ve had M&M’s for breakfast and yelled at our kids.

Whether you interact with me here, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or my newsletter where I’m offering a contemporary romance to subscribers throughout 2014, you’ll find I’m rooting for you.

There is freedom in surrender.

And when you have it, it is better than chocolate.

No lie.

So stick around, read my book reviews, find out where I’m published, or peek at my book shelves. I hope you leave a comment. I love hearing from you.

Do we have anything in common?


1. I’m originally from Upstate NY and graduated from SUNY Geneseo.

2. I now live in NE Ohio.

3. I’ve been married 17 years and have a 15 year old and a 10 year old.

4. We have 2 Lhasa Apsos, a cat, and a Chow-Lab puppy named Tucker.

5. I write contemporary romances using Upstate NY settings.

6. I blog every other Wednesday with your favorite Christian authors at Christians Read.

7. My Adirondack romance, Spectacular Falls, is under consideration.

8. My second Adirondack romance, Untangled, is under revision.

9. My third Adirondack romance, To Be Determined, is in first draft.

10. Match Made in Heaven is my romance exclusive to Julie Arduini newsletter subscribers throughout 2014, set in Hammondsport, NY. (Subscribe in right sidebar and make sure you activate by checking your email folders.)

11. I’m a step-mom to two adult children who live in Wisconsin.

12. I love to read and am a fast reader.

13. I don’t like white or dark chocolate. Milk chocolate all the way. Almonds? Even better.

14. I drink bold coffee with hazelnut creamer.

15. I enjoy Parenthood, Dallas, NCIS, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, Sherlock, and Jimmy Fallon.

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COTT: James L. Rubart and His Supernatural Thriller Memory’s Door

Posted by Julie on September 16, 2013 in Christians Read, COTT, Guest blogger, Julie Arduini, Writing |


Clash of the Titles brings to you best-selling author James Rubart’s latest novel, Memory’s Door.

“The prophecy brought them together—

to fight for the hearts of others and set them free.”

But the Wolf has risen, and now their greatest battle begins.

 The four members of Warriors Riding have learned to wage war in the supernatural

hate of all they stand for. And he won’t stop until he brings utter destruction to their bodies . . . and their souls.





Quick Bio

Grew up: Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Spokane, Kirkland, WA

College: University of Washington. B.A. in broadcast journalism

Work history: Started off on air at a radio station, then went into sales

Other job: Since ’94 he’s owned an ad agency/marketing firm. Find out more about my other gig here.

Favorite memories: They come from jumping off cliffs with his boys, water skiing together, long walks & talks with his wife, and going deep with friends.


  “This was an incredible book. I will be ordering the first book in this series as soon as I am done with my finals this term!!”

  “It was amazing to read how James L. Rubart was able to weave all these powerful messages into a story that read seamless like a movie playing. I would highly recommend reading this book for anyone who loves to become part of another world but have the message infiltrate in his or her heart.” 

  “I loved this book. There is even some romance sprinkled in, amongst the thrilling battles and the page turning suspense. You will wonder who The Wolf is – and who Tristan and his friends are – are they good? Are they bad? You will be sad to see Marcus have to decide between the past and the future. You will see the characters face lies that we fall for every day.”


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The Writer’s Double Burden: Marketing

Posted by Julie on August 16, 2013 in About Me, Christians Read, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

It’s my week to stop by Christians Read and share my thoughts. This week I talked about marketing. The average reader probably doesn’t think about all an author needs to do to not just create a book, but persuade people it is worth buying.

check_it_outI also talked about my practice run into marketing.

I’d love for you to stop by, read, and leave a comment. While there, read the other posts, too. My favorite authors are there: Hannah Alexander, Elizabeth Goddard, Sarah Goebel, Kristen Heitzmann,Vicki Hinze, Maureen Lang, Yvonne Lehman, Kathi Macias, Tara Randel, James L. Rubart, and Lynette Sowell.

You can find my latest post here.

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Advice for Graduates

Posted by Julie on June 8, 2013 in About Me, Christians Read, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

Ah, June.

The mailbox contains one of two invites.

Wedding or Graduation.

Or if your wallet is really light, both.

This week at Christians Read I share 3 suggestions for graduates.


Take a look!

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