#Stolen by Jessica Fralin (and a chance to win $100 cash card)

stole #Stolen by Jessica Fralin | Instagram Contest and $100 Cash Card Giveaway

Author: Jessica Fralin

Is social media stealing your identity? We need an #IdentityRevolution! Take part by reading Jessica Fralin’s debut book, #Stolen! In #Stolen, author Jessica Fralin uncovers our deep desire to be affirmed, valued, and loved and then points to the only place where that desire can be filled: in Christ not social media.

Join Jessica and Abingdon Press on Instagram for the chance to win a $100 cash card!


One grand prize winner will receive:
•A $100 cash card
•A copy of #Stolen

Enter today by following the instructions below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on October 30th. The winner will be announced November 2nd on the Litfuse blog.

Here’s how to enter the contest:
1.Take a no-filter selfie of you either holding up a copy of the book (if you have one) or holding up a sign that says, “I will not be #Stolen!”
2.Caption the photo with the following (just copy/paste this on your mobile device): “I’m participating in an #IdentityRevolution with @JessicaFralin’s new book, #Stolen! Learn how to be affirmed, valued, and loved through Christ, not social media. #contest”
3.Follow @JessicaFralin on Instagram.

Rules: Open to the U.S. only. Entries will be tracked by using the hashtags #Stolen and #IdentityRevolution. Entries must be submitted by 10/30/15 at 11:59 PDT. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 11/2.

Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. Void where prohibited by law.


#Stolen Book Description

How many hours do we spend scrolling Facebook newsfeeds, retweeting something on Twitter, or posing for the perfect selfie on Instagram, hoping what we post will get likes and comments from our friends and followers? To get those likes, we post what is—according to social media standards—pretty, popular, and acceptable. We hide the messy parts of life, play up the fun times, and even twist the truth a bit so we look a little better, smarter, and funnier. But what happens when people start holding us up to these unrealistic standards? What happens when you realize that who you are on social media isn’t who you really are? Have we let social media steal our identity?

In #Stolen, author Jessica Fralin uncovers our deep desire to be affirmed, valued, and loved and then points to the only place where that desire can be filled: in Christ not social media. She offers creative #FunFact, #GiveItATry, and #WhatDoYouThink callouts containing fun notes, activities, and ideas to discuss with your youth group and friends. As she tackles the issues and insecurities like popularity, body image, and cyberbullying, Jessica shows you how to find your identity in the one voice that really matters, not the million of voices online.

Learn more and purchase a copy.
Jessica Fralin is an author & blogger in Nashville, Tennessee. Whether speaking from a platform or typing away on jessicafralin.com, her heart is to convey the message of love, acceptance, and worth that can only be found in the gospel. On any given day, you can find her holding a book or a latte and passionately teaching others who they are―and why it matters―when it comes to social media.

Find out more about Jessica at http://jessicafralin.com.

Book Review: If My Husband Would Change, I’d be Happy by Rhonda Stoppe

cover66640-mediumBook Description:

Like most brides on their wedding day, you no doubt were filled with love for your husband and the hope of a happy life together. But perhaps today, as the realities of life together have settled in, those happy expectations are going unfulfilled. And it’s tempting to think, “If only my husband would change, I’d be happy.”


That myth is but one of many that Rhonda Stoppe dispels in her easy-to-read exploration of what it takes to experience a truly happy marriage. In the process, she addresses such important topics as

  • understanding your husband’s need for your unconditional respect

  • rekindling the love that drew you to your husband in the first place

  • refusing to believe the lie that you’d be happier married to someone else

  • learning to be content in the midst of financial struggles
  • thinking about sex from a biblical worldview

If you desire to rekindle the love and hope you felt on your wedding day, this book will go a long way toward making that dream come true.

Contains discussion questions and personal reflections at the end of each chapter.

This is a realistic yet humorous look at what we think marriage will be like, and the reality. The author starts right out talking about her honeymoon constipation and how everything started moving while visiting “Old Faithful.” You can’t get more transparent than that, and immediately she earned my trust.

This is a huge topic in marriage that few want to admit. We have such rosy ideas when we get married, and reality sets in. Our spouse isn’t perfect. And in our mind, we think we know how to fix them.

This book shares all of that and gives realistic things to do not to change your spouse, but improve your marriage.  It explains the other myths out there.

I really enjoyed this. I have been there with that line of thinking and at times, my mind returns to that place. No one wins. But you can win by reading and applying the information in this book.

I highly recommend.

To purchase If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy, click here.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: Intertwined by Jennifer Slattery

Julie’s Note:
Don’t forget! I’m looking for YOUR thankful thoughts to post here during the month of November. Click here to learn the details.

cover71157-mediumBook Description:

Abandoned by hubby for another woman, Tammy Kuhn, an organ procurement coordinator finds herself in an altercation with a doctor. Now she is fighting to keep her job and her sanity when one late night she encounters an old flame facing an unthinkable tragedy. Because they both find eternal purposes in every event and encounter, they soon discover their lives are intertwined but the ICU is no place for romance….or is it? This could this be where life begins again.

I don’t think there are tougher topics to conquer in fiction, and life of course, than divorce and death. Jennifer Slattery does both with her newest release, Intertwined. Tammy is newly divorced and trying to find a “new normal” with an ex-husband who deeply wounded her and isn’t much help, kids with needs and only one parent at home to help, and a demanding job as an organ donor procurement coordinator.

Nick is divorced and unable to see his kids thanks to a cruel, ex-wife when one of the sons passes away. Tammy, an old flame from high school, is there to walk him through the organ donor process and they get to know each other and help each other through divorce and trusting others again.

I really enjoyed this book. The conflict is there and is on a constant acceleration. It feels awkward and uncomfortable during the tense moments, and I love that, because that means the reader has been put in the scene and is involved. I thought the moments where Tammy’s called to work but needs childcare were especially realistic for a single parent.

What I would have liked is a little more time to dig deeper into the romance between Nick and Tammy. I think as readers we just scratched the surface as a lot of time was on Nick and Marianne. But for all Intertwined represents, Jennifer Slattery did a great job keeping the reader turning the pages.

I definitely recommend.

To purchase Intertwined, click here.

I received Intertwined through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank You, Teachers!

My sister is one. My children are considering the profession. My friends from college are all in this field. I also know a lot of homeschooling parents who pour into their children this way.

My thanks to Grammarly for letting me know about this day and allowing me to share this image with you.

Thank you, teachers!


COTT: Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellis Wins Clash

Congratulations to…

by Mary Ellis
About the book:

What Lies Beneath the Black Water of the Bayou?

Hunter Galen, a New Orleans securities broker, suspects his
business partner, James Nowak, of embezzling their clients’ money, but he’s
reluctant to jeopardize their friendship. After James turns up dead, Hunter
realizes his unwillingness to confront a problem may have cost James his
Nicki Price, a newly minted PI, intends to solve the stockbroker’s murder
as she establishes herself in the career she adores. As she ferrets out
fraud and deception at Galen-Nowak Investments, Hunter’s fiancée, Ashley
Menard, rubs her the wrong way. Nicki doesn’t trust the ostentatious woman
who seems to be hiding something, but is the PI’s growing attraction to
Hunter—the police’s only suspect—her true reason for disliking Ashley?
As Hunter and Nicki encounter sophisticated shell games, blackmail, and
death threats both subtle and overt, danger swirls around them like the
mysterious dark water of the bayou. Only their reliance on faith and
fearless determination give them hope they will live to see another day.
What COTT voters had to say:

–I normally enjoy reading mostly Amish fiction. But, because Mary Ellis is
such a wonderful writer, I would choose Midnight on the Mississippi.
–Mary Ellis, Looking forward to reading this.! Congratulations !
–Love to read books written by Mary Ellis. She writes great stories.
–Mary Ellis as with all your books i love this one too, you amaze me each
time i read one of your books, they just get better and better
–Mary Ellis, wishing you much success with this one!
–Just love Mary Ellis writing style and always look forward to new
releases !!
–Love your books, Mary! Best of luck with MIDNIGHT ON THE MISSISSIPPI!
–Go Mary Ellis! Your books are always wonderful
–Mary Ellis pulls you into the story in the first few pages!
–Mary Ellis, love her work. She writes a character so well, you can feel
like you know them, and you can’t wait to see what’s on the next

About the author:
Mary has written twelve bestselling Amish fiction novel
along with three historical romances. She is currently working on a
romantic suspense series called Secret of the South mysteries for Harvest
House Publishers. First of the series, Midnight on the Mississippi is set
in New Orleans and was given 4 1/2 stars by RT Book Reviews. Book two, What
Happened on Beale Street, is set in Memphis and will release in March. She
is a former middle school teacher and lives in Ohio with her husband, dog
and cat. She can be found on the Internet at her Website or on FaceBook.

Sabbath Sunday: Thankful

Thankful Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakeable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe. Hebrews 12:28, NLT

Each year I dedicate my blog to the theme of thankfulness and invite others to share why they are thankful.  Children, adults, a paragraph, anything up to 750 words, I’m looking for it all. It doesn’t have to be fancy or professional. Just write why you are thankful.

It’s that easy.

Send your post, signed as you want the world to know you, to me at juliearduini@juliearduini.com and with a bio and optional headshot. If you are an author, you’re welcome to submit your information as long as you remember the main idea is a thankful post.

The slots go fairly fast, so don’t wait. Send your thankful posts now.  Let’s combat negativity with hope and inspiration.

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