All this week the Write Integrity Press family is celebrating Christmas with special blogs, blog giveaways, and a Facebook party Friday, December 5th from 7-9 pm EST. I’ll be chatting at approximately 8:30 but the entire party is going to be full of fun and party favors you don’t want to miss.

I’m celebrating with Christmas posts this week. Each day I’m asking questions and sharing my memories, and the WIP gang is joining me. Here’s today’s question.

When do you start playing Christmas music?Music

Tracy Ruckman: 

Well, I could LISTEN to Christmas music year round, but to spare others, I don’t. We do start watching Christmas movies in October. Tim always had a yearly tradition with his family concerning one particular piece of Christmas music, so we’ve carried that tradition into our own marriage. Every Thanksgiving, while his mom was preparing their dinner, he would put The Ventures’ Christmas album on, and blast their music through the house. He always just got in one song before she made him turn it down, but it was always fun and made the family laugh. I had never heard of The Ventures until he introduced me, so it’s been a fun tradition to carry on.

Elizabeth Noyes

It depends. Some years, I need the uplift only Christmas carols can bring. Other times, I try to hold off until after Thanksgiving. The key is when I find myself humming or singing to myself—then it’s time.

Betty Thomason Owens

After Thanksgiving, when I start to prepare my home for the Christmas holidays.

Phee Paradise

I refuse to do anything Christmasy, including playing music before the first Sunday of Advent.

My husband starts listening in late summer/early fall for his duties with choir at church. It’s only the music he needs for the concert so I think we both start listening to the classics around the second week of November. I know I need it to be cold before I listen, and that seems to be the time when winter makes an early entrance and Christmas music seems the natural thing to do.





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