51+wY0eXpeL“Eat Like Jesus” offers a simple, scientific, and comprehensive Bible-based dining theology, examining and explaining what the Bible teaches about food and eating. 

Drawing heavily from the Bible texts, “Eat Like Jesus” puts food-related topics such as veganism, kosher diets, cleansing rituals, and animal physiology (including diet, hygiene, diseases, etc.) into proper perspective, harmonizing New Testament accounts of Jesus, Peter, and Paul with Old Testament teachings of Moses. 

“Eat Like Jesus” uniquely reveals why the first law in the Garden of Eden was dietary, why Noah took extra pairs of certain animal species into the Ark, what kind of animals did Peter saw in his vision, and what Jesus really meant as he “called all foods clean”.

Eat Like Jesus is a book dedicated to the Scriptures and what they say about food. From clean and unclean to Moses to the Garden of Eden, Andrew L. Hoy is passionate about going through the Scriptures and offering a look at Kosher Christianity.

I was impressed with the research that went into this book. It is full of Biblical history and different translations. One of the charts explains different verses and looks at it from a Kosher Christianity vs a Dispensational Christianity perspective.

It’s so well researched and presented I found this to be more of an academic book than one a casual reader interested in a Biblical based diet might be. I think if someone is looking for a bottom line of what foods they should and should not eat based on Kosher Christianity, they might be frustrated to find the information they are looking for. However, for a Bible student hungry for a book full of God’s Word and thoughts on food, this is a perfect read.

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I received a .pdf from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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