God is always speaking . . . even when He doesn’t use words.

We live in a post-verbal society that communicates through images–television, smartphones, the Internet–and our Creator longs to communicate with us visually if we’ll live with our eyes wide open.9780800795689

With absorbing insight, Seeing the Voice of God demystifies nighttime dreams and daytime visions, revealing the science behind the supernatural and giving you a biblical foundation for making sense of what you see. You’ll also:

learn to discern if what you see is from God
study the ten most common types of dreams
discover spirit, mind, and medical tips for better dream recall
interpret dream symbols and imagery
review the best iPhone and Android sleep cycle apps

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book. I am a vivid dreamer with fantastic recall and when I’ve picked up books on dreams before, I found a lot of it new age’ish or vague. Seeing the Voice of God was comprehensive and Biblical. The author is very upfront that the first and best authority when it comes to dreams is asking God Himself. That really impressed me.

She dissects everything using Scripture and her own experiences. I didn’t plan on reading app suggestions for sleep cycles, and I had no idea the dream dictionary would be as exhaustive as it was.

Of all the dream books out there, I’m most impressed with Seeing the Voice of God. I highly recommend it.

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I received a copy of Seeing the Voice of God from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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