This isn’t the best picture, but that’s why I tell people I’m an amateur nature photographer. I take them with my phone. And this happened to be while in a car that was going over a bridge on Chautauqua Lake in Upstate NY.

As you know, each Sunday I share my amateur nature picture along with a few encouraging words about God’s love for you.

What you might not know is this spot is my favorite visual when I travel back to family. It’s a 300 mile trip one way and no matter the season, I love what I find as I look beyond the bridge. My husband knows this about me, so when he travels without me, he’ll contact me and say I’m on the bridge. (He has a hands free device.)

But this picture doesn’t look so welcoming. It almost has a haunting look that can bring on a chill. The waters are frozen. That building looks isolated.

Who would sign up for a visit to that place?

But like I said, each time I drive over that bridge, it’s never the same. Last October it was 70 and I saw a lone boat streaking through the waters. In July there are water skiers. In November the trees become bare.

Isn’t that like life? If I knew everything that was coming around the bend, I wouldn’t sign up. But here I am. Some days are like summer—full of opportunity. Then there is the vibrant harvest. I’ve enjoyed the blossoms that my spring brings. But the harsh winter days of my soul? They feel like this picture looks.

No matter what you find when you drive past the bridge, I hope you put your trust in the One who makes all your days possible. He has purpose to every single day. Not to isolate and taunt you, but to grow and transform you.

Because one day those frozen waters will melt, and people will line those buildings and waters.

And it won’t feel so alone.

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