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Helen Meeker is back and has less than thirty days to stop the execution of an innocent pastor who has unbelievably confessed to being a Nazi spy. While on a case that has dynamic implications to uncovering an espionage ring operating on American and British soil, Helen defuses a hostage crisis in a bank robbery gone wrong, unearths an explosive coffin, and is introduced to a dead English hero who seems very much alive. The fate of an innocent girl and the world’s two most dynamic leaders depend upon Helen’s connecting cases before Wilbur Shellmeyer faces a firing squad, and Churchill and Roosevelt meet for a secret conference in upstate New York. 

Set against the backdrop of the early days of World War II, A Date with Death combines action, adventure, mystery, and romance in a tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until they, like Helen Meeker, answer the question, “Do I save the leader of the free world or an innocent man scheduled to die to protect someone he loves?” Which life is more important? 

Though the answer to this question will be revealed at the end of A Date with Death, Helen’s action and adventure will continue at a break-neck pace throughout the “In the President’s Service Series,” as she takes on new challenges and dangers. 

What a ride A Date with Death was. I went into this book knowing little. I knew it was set in the 40’s and was part of the “In the President’s Service” series that will release each month.

I loved this book. Helen Meeker is a strong heroine who defies the 40’s stereotypes that the men keep trying to put on her. Perhaps she’s a little too good at what she does, but I didn’t care. I love espionage and WWII stories and A Date with Death had everything. Romance. Suspense. Thrills. Action. History. And a great cliffhanger to set up the next story in the series.

I’m fairly discerning in guessing who is a good guy and who isn’t, and this was a guess until the end. I also loved bringing a president to life in fiction. The interactions between President Roosevelt and Helen were fun to read. I could picture it.

I also was surprised to read cities I grew up near mentioned. I lived 20 miles from Elmira. I know Ithaca well. It’s always fun to see places you know “in real life.”

If you love 1940 thrillers with intrigue, strong characters, constant guessing, and non stop action, you need to make a date with this book, and series.

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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