Last week on Facebook I shared how my husband and I evaluated the changes we’ve survived in the last year, and what we see coming.

  • Loss of his mother
  • Two job related changes
  • Broken wrist, surgery, therapy
  • Changing how we travel to NY (we usually go separate, he visits his dad and I visit my mom.)
  • Church split and healing
  • Kids first experience on an airplane and cruise
  • Son started high school
  • Son having a girlfriend
  • Daughter with a new diagnosis and revised IEP
  • Daughter starting 4th grade with a locker and switching classes
  • Finishing a manuscript and moving forward
  • His oldest daughter turns 30 this month
  • We’re praying and looking into making a change in our home life.

And that’s just off the top of my head.
Brave photo Character-Confession-brave.png
There were days we stumbled through. Many where we didn’t even see each other. Nights I fell asleep with tears dotting my pillowcase. Afternoons I realized fear ruled my thoughts. Opportunities where it was clear I had a choice to act in the flesh, or through the Holy Spirit. Times where laughter ruled. More instances where silence and the unknown moved in. Doors opened. Doors closed.

It was a sober conversation, especially where we’re looking to make a change, and most of the above were things we didn’t see coming. We have no guarantee the changes we plan to make will even come to pan out. It will be all faith. I suspect ¬†frustration will tap my shoulder. Fear will try to take us down.

How did we end our chat?

Real life.

It’s not for sissies.


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One Thought to “Character Confession: Real Life Isn’t for Sissies”

  1. Denise Oldham

    Amen, not for sissies.

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