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Character Confession: There is Only One Defeated One (& You Aren’t It)

Posted by Julie on January 21, 2012 in encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

Finally, the weekend. I think this week went on forever. Sure felt like it.

Here’s my Character Confession for the week. I think my confession is why the week felt so long.

It was a long week, and I'm angry!

I’m 41 and there are days I’m absolutely consumed by hopelessness. Sometimes it’s hormonal. Sometimes it’s by my own choice and the consequences. A lot of times, it’s a targeted attack created in the pit of hell.

And darn it, that’s not right.

But when I see such an attack striking at children, well now I’m angry.

This week I watched a torrent of hopelessness come in like a tsunami on young teenagers. I’m a pretty discerning person and it was more than a bad hair day. More than stress. More than hormones. I won’t release specifics, but you have to trust me.

The enemy is desperate, and his bag of tricks never gets a refill. He has to go with what works. And making people think their lives aren’t worth living is the oldest trick of all.

I might look silly, and I’ll be mocked, but I know what it takes to overcome, and it’s so simple, we miss it.

I’m turning the anger into righteousness. I’m not just praying, I’m proclaiming. I’m decreeing who these kids are, and whose these are. Because Christ is in me, I’m speaking out His promises over them, and for every thing, word, plan, and strategy the enemy concocted, I’m asking the Lord in turn take the curse and exchange it for 100 fold blessing on every family. In Jesus’ name I remind the true defeated one he has no access. He is denied entry into placing hopelessness or harmful coping strategies into the minds of these children.

Mark my words, those that are new teenagers have been set apart. I believe they will lead the way into what has already started, the greatest move of God in all time. That’s not going to go down without a fight.

I get it.

But I’m also going to get angry and make sure these kids know how precious they are, and that they are not the defeated ones. That title belongs to the enemy, and he’s done stealing from them.

If this resonates with you, don’t just get angry, get on your knees.

And cover the kids in prayer.

After I wrote this post, I prepared for the time of prayer. At 5pm I left for the very school I was going to pray for at 6 to pick up the oldest. He wasn’t done until 5:30. I start the car, and it’s dead. A dead car in the very place I’m ready to pray for. Thankfully another family was close by and we prayed a little late, but we prayed. When the dad of that family got out of his car he said, “You know this isn’t about your car, right?”

Yep. I know.

My husband, once he got home, was nervous about the battery. I told him I don’t think I have any car problems at all. I think it was all to discourage and distract me. To make sure all was well, I hit the remote starter, and the car roared to life.

I’m still angry, and I still prayed.

How about you?

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