When our daughter was in an infant she was diagnosed with airway restrictive disease or something like that. It was asthma, but she was too young to be diagnosed with it was the gist of it.

But breathing was hard for her without assistance.

As she’s aged, she’s needed the nebulizer less and less. In fact, I’m not even sure where I unpacked it. But with the recent weather changes she’s had trouble catching her breath after exerting herself. After communicating with the doctor we decided to get an inhaler for prevention.

I looked at it and realized I can relate a lot to that inhaler, silly as it sounds.

I’ve been exerting myself harder than I thought spiritually. This first half of the year has felt like an uphill climb in ways as we walked through what we knew was planned, and through what wasn’t.

My times in the Word were on the low side but my need increased.

After a few spiritual skirmishes and direction we know is from the Lord, I’m not just tired.

I’m spiritually gasping for air.

I’ve been journaling and that’s helped, but I decided to find a Bible study that would meet my current needs. I have trouble finding friends who can commit to a Bible study and finish with me.  I have trouble attending local ones because I can get a bit crazy about sounds and personal space.

[tweetthis]God’s done the greatest work in me when I go online. #confession[/tweetthis]

ANONSo, I joined Women’s Bible Cafe on Facebook, the Anonymous Bible Study. The book is by Cindi Wood and there are several times throughout the week to join the groups. I decided during the day when the kids are in school so I can focus. I am loving the book. It is like a spring rain on a dry plant. I can’t soak in enough. To be a nameless face just encouraging others and receiving His Word, it is restoring me from critical to stable. To continue on the road to thriving, I know I need more things like this.

The study has been my inhaler and I thank God in His wisdom He showed me what used to work before wasn’t enough in this season. I’ve been depleted on a lot of levels and now I’m having intimate time with the Lord, revelation from Him, connection with others and accountability.

What’s your spiritual state right now? Are you in need of an inhaler?

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