Adjective: pleased and relieved.

Synonyms: grateful, appreciative, filled with gratitude, relieved, expressing gratitude, and relief.


Yep, that’s me—all of the above. Mostly to God.


Hi, I’m author, Sharon K. Connell.


Thankfulness to me is an everyday thing. The air we breathe, the food He provides, a roof over my head, and the clothes I wear. But most of all, to Jesus for dying for my sins and making me His own child.


Some other things for which I am thankful are the country we live in, the beauty that surrounds us, the people that come into our lives. Then there is the privilege of being a writer.


As I said, I’m an author. I write Christian/Romance/Suspense, with a touch of mystery and humor mixed in for good measure. God has given me this talent, and I try to always use it for Him whether it’s in writing a good story, putting together my monthly newsletter, adding things to my website, Tweeting, or posting on my Facebook group forum or any of the other pages I’ve joined.


Oh, and one other thing for which I’m very thankful, God’s mercy. I’m human, just like the rest of you, with all my faults and shortcomings. And yet, He loves me.


Here’s a little about my latest release, His Perfect Love. A good example of how God shows His mercy.




When Patricia’s guilt and fear get the better of her, she runs to the big city to hide. But she soon finds that circumstances chip away at the safety she felt there. Will running again prevent her from being found? And if she is…what then?








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Sharon K. Connell writes from her home in Houston, Texas. Her stories are about people who discover that God is able and willing to help if they will ask…and trust in Him and His timing. Her first novel, written in the deep point of view style, was released December 2016. Since then she has been working on rewriting all her novels into this engaging style of writing.


A Very Present Help was Sharon’s first novel, published in 2014, and has now been rewritten as a second edition in a more exciting style, soon to be released. She has two other novels in the process of rewriting into her new style.




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Book trailers for novels by Sharon K. Connell

His Perfect Love

Paths of Righteousness (rewrite in progress)

There Abideth Hope (rewrite in progress)

And Coming soon, A Very Present Help 2017 Edition

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