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About 180 Encouragements

Posted by Julie on August 6, 2017 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

I hate problems. Trials. Adversity. Hardships. When I go to a meeting I’m the one blurting, “Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem.”

And that echoed through my mind most of my daughter’s 7th grade experience.

Let’s face it, middle school sucks. Yes, that’s a strong word. But it’s accurate, and I’m not taking it back. The academics are challenging. Self esteem and security are like the pennies at the mall that you place in that circle and it spins down the drain for charity. Friendships revolve like the doors, triple time if you are a girl. I’m not even talking about hard home lives, but that’s a reality as well.

I watched our daughter transform from a confident girl with a mega-watt smile to someone with her head down and eyes forecasting a vacant look. It is the age, I understand. But there was bullying that left even me speechless. She has health issues that have manifested into learning and the first half of her year was an uphill climb that felt just when she got momentum, someone took a shovel to her and knocked her down the hill.

It was devastating as a parent.

I have been praying for something that would make 8th grade a happier experience. We implemented a specific prayer that has already seen success.

  • We prayed for people who were not being a positive influence in her atmosphere to prosper somewhere else. And God answered pretty fast.

She has been praying for YEARS for a best friend. She knows that I have a friend that I have known since kindergarten. She has seen me through everything and was the one that told me about Jesus. We still see each other and close down restaurants when I am back in my hometown. And my daughter yearns for a friendship like that.

This month I’m pressing in to believe God for her prayers. To take things deeper and believe Him for things that to my eyes, seem impossible. If you have an impossible prayer, leave a comment or email me at and I will pray.

But I felt like something was missing. Something hands on that wouldn’t just encourage our daughter, but others who need a lift and a smile. Enter 180 Encouragements.

This is a total God thing, because I’m not that smart and it popped in my head. There are around 180 days in a school year. It’s also a number that is about change. When someone has a change, you’ll hear that they did an 180. So let’s see some positive change with 180 encouragements.

I’m looking for 180 people to join the 180 Encouragements page. Our school year starts in late August, so I’m hoping each person would write ONE kind message that I can print out/copy/write out. She is going to decorate a box and we’ll put the messages in the box. Then, each school day she reads a message. I believe hearing from all of you, cheering her on, will make a difference.

But I’m not done.

I also want anyone on the page to feel free to take any of the messages for themselves. If they know someone who needs a boost, share it with them. Put it in a lunch box, book bag, bulletin board, bathroom mirror. Maybe YOU need the encouragement. Let’s all experience change.

I don’t know what this school year holds for us, but I know this,  God knows, and I’m going to be cheering her every step of the way.




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