Not long after moving into what we’re calling our forever home, I noticed our Lazy Susan (how did it get that name, anyway?) wouldn’t rotate anymore. When I tried, it felt forced, and I’ve been known to break things when I make it work.

So I left it alone.

During a year my husband was buried in work and didn’t realize we had a Lazy Susan.

Or that it needed fixing.

Months went by and we hosted a dinner as part of missions week at our church. One of our friends saw the Lazy Susan and asked if she could fix it. She figured out the problem, repaired it, and even had matching stain she bought earlier that day to finish the project.

Yes, my friends are awesome.

Thing is, in the months after the repair, I’ve noticed something.

We often treat the Lazy Susan like she’s still broken.

She can swivel to a closed door position, but for whatever reason, habit perhaps, we leave her open at pantry eye level. All that work our friend did and we don’t even recognize the repair.


lazy susan photo: shophousepics899.jpg
I was living like a broken Lazy Susan. Photo by mikeinkcmo/photobucket

There are times I live like my Lazy Susan.

You’ve probably seen it, too.

God’s done an amazing work in my life and there is freedom. True freedom that I found as I let go of toxic things in and around me. But I creep back into that pit because I’ve stayed there a long time and I think it’s safe. The repair is new and I’m not used to it. So I live like I’m still broken.

This post has been on my mind for awhile and I’ve held off, waiting for God to give me the green light. This message is to encourage at least one person who is living like they are still broken.

You are the repaired Lazy Susan. Don’t be afraid to swivel and live like the healing/healed person you are. The broken place you are used to is called a stronghold, and I was taught that place seems safe because you’ve been there so long. It’s a lie. Get out of that pit. That’s not your address anymore.

I promise to work on closing the door and allowing the Lazy Susan to perform as she can, completely restored.

I pray you do the same.

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