I confess I’ve had many conversations regarding Kathie Lee Gifford over the years. She would be listed on my Women’s Bible Devotional and yet when I watched her on Regis and Kathie Lee she was suggestive at best. It drove me crazy. I didn’t see Christ’s light and her approach was a turn off.

Fast forward and she returned to television with the fourth hour of The Today Show. Although I thought it was a step down for Hoda Kotb and her journalism skills, I thought it was a good fit for Kathie Lee. She seemed tamer, more relatable. Her walk seemed to match her talk.

When I heard about Frank Gifford’s death, it really shook me. I think part of it was we have a ten year gap in our marriage and it was a topic we took seriously before we got engaged. We talked about leaving the other behind. I couldn’t imagine the grief Kathie Lee and her children had to be feeling.

Yet I saw her post on Twitter and I heard Hoda share how strong Kathie Lee was.

And then I saw this.

Honestly, it’s one of the best moments of live television I’ve ever seen.

Kathie Lee on her first day back to work after losing her husband shared his last moments. His faith. Her faith. Their faith.

And her challenge about the stone.

I challenge YOU to watch. It’s about 8 minutes and they go fast.

It’s inspiring and emotional.

May God bless her and her children.

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One Thought to “Confession Saturday: Kathie Lee Gifford’s Return to Work”

  1. Linda

    I saw this on the show the day she returned, I never felt one way or another about Kathie Lee until her husband passed I have always picked up stones, my pick up as stones also, she showed such grace and love in the days following Frank’s death it has has changed my heart about a lot of things I won’t be so quick to judge another.

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