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Evil stalks TJ McKendrick.
Three years after burying her father, TJ visits Honduras where he died. While there, she witnesses a murder and is forced to flee.
Don Castillo dreams of power. Funnel the drugs into the States and it’s his. First, he must kill the woman who dared spy on him.
The last thing Garrett Cameron needs is another woman interrupting his life, but when the feisty vixen that blew his mission two years ago shows up at his ranch running for her life, what can he do?
As attraction ignites between TJ and Garrett, she lets go of past betrayals and allows him to protect her. He’s lived a life of violence. Love isn’t for someone like him. Does he dare reveal his soul’s dark side and risk driving her away?
Only faith in God and trust in each other can overcome the deadly odds they face.

I really enjoyed Imperfect Wings because the author created a strong heroine, but a vulnerable one. As much as she doesn’t want to need anyone, she does. Her life is in jeopardy. And Garrett seems to be the only one that can help.

The sparks ignite between the two as much as they wish it didn’t. But they have a past and that creates conflict. Sometimes conflict can get in the way of sparks.

I won’t say if conflict or sparks win, but Imperfect Wings is worth your reading time.

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I received Imperfect Wings as one of the authors with Write Integrity Press. Although we share the same publisher, the thoughts here are my own.


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