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Each Saturday I’m posting a confession and inviting you to blog a confession of your own and link up. My goal is to build a community of people not afraid to share the truth, and grow from it. And as a reader, you’ll perhaps see something that sounds familiar to your own story. And realize you aren’t alone.

So, please write a post or find an older one and link up at the end.

And here’s mine…

I’m not very emotional. I remember growing up and teasing my mom that she was so stoic she was wooden. Not much happened that would reveal a reaction out of her. She said it was her German heritage.

Well whatever it was, I’m a lot like her. When my now husband proposed, my roommate called my mom, not me. I was happy, elated even, but I’m just not the girl who runs in circles screaming and jumping for joy.

  • Same for pregnancy announcements
  • And births
  • Writing victories
  • And when our teen went to homecoming last weekend.

My mom teared up, grieving the little boy that is no more.

But I just took pictures.


I’m pretty sure things will change. It sure isn’t because I don’t care about these things, these people and events mean the world to me. I think the clinker will be when the oldest leaves for good. He’s very like minded, so we get the same jokes, stories, and we’ve had great conversations. He’ll be the first to leave, and I think that’s going to unpeel the layer that unleashes my emotions.

Anyone else not that emotional?

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