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Zondervan Synopsis:

Many teens today feel uncertain about their world and are wondering about their future during this time of economic upheaval and spiritual confusion. Combine this with normal adolescent struggles, and today’s teens are trying to find solid ground. Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens provides a firm foundation with features that show God is unchanging. Teens will be reassured that they too can be unshaken and have hope for what the future holds.

Zondervan recently contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their materials. My first choice was the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens.


The Bible boasts several features. 

Rock Solid TRUTHS-Examines Christian beliefs and explorations of other religions

Rock Solid PRINCIPLES-Applies the Bible to daily choices and challenges

Rock Solid PROMISES-Calls out God’s promises, and what aren’t.

Rock Solid PLANS-Explores God’s plans for the reader.

Unshaken PEOPLE-Provides Biblical examples to overcome.

Unshaken GOD: Points out God’s never-changing attributes

Reading plans

Color maps

Book introductions

I have a teen, so I was interested in seeing first hand what this Bible looked like and how did it line up against what it promised. It does feature all those things. However, I was disappointed in the layout and visuals. The Bible as in God’s Word should never change. However, I believe with teens we have to market to their interests without watering down truth.

I had trouble  finding the features. The pages are a thin white, and the Rock Solid Features aren’t highlighted very brightly. A little darker column, but not much darker. There’s some good questions at the end for teens to think about, but not as hard hitting as I hoped.

In this wired world there’s a lot available to appeal to teens. I wanted to see the Bible’s features connect to an app or something teens use often to encourage them to study further. The Bible itself is hardcover and heavy. Teens these days won’t lug a Bible around. If with the purchase teens could get the same version for their phone, I think teens would use it. The hardcover alone needs a bit more splash. Not in material, but in presentation.

Lastly, $30 is a bit steep for a teen Bible, especially one with a vanilla-esque appearance. Again, for that price, I would have liked to have seen extras that teens could access with their phones. Have color and an easier layout with the Bible.

This Bible offers a lot and I really want teens to fall in love with His Word. I love the premise of the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible, but it falls a little short in delivery.

To purchase the Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens, click here.

I received this product from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.

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