I’m sitting here in total peace and quiet savoring a cup of coffee with coconut creamer. Let’s get right to the Character Confession before someone wakes up and ruins my perfect moment. 🙂




I thought today I’d share some things I’m loving in my life right now. Perhaps it will stir up some ideas that you didn’t see in your own life.

1. The brilliant autumn scenes right outside my window.






2. Coconut creamer. It’s like drinking an Almond Joy every day.

3. Coming up for air long enough to realize how much I love my writing life. I am in a fiction season working hard on my contemporary romance, Spectacular Falls. The editing process is hard on the eyes and time consuming but I’m learning so much. I’m in love with the characters and I’m meeting new people through my critique groups.

4. Seeing my dad in everyday life. He’s been gone for 7 years but watching my daughter become giddy over weather reminds me of him.

5. The ability to laugh with loved ones, and not at them. This week both kids and their class had the opportunity to be part of local news broadcasts. The oldest was so excited and we DVR’d the program. The big moment came and all we saw of the son was the back of his head. We laughed like crazy together.

6. Reading. I have a Kindle with about 60 titles on it. I have at least one paperback sitting by the bed. This week alone I received three books from authors for review and promotion. It’s not a burden to see this much reading to do, it’s a flat out blessing.

7. Confirmation. Writing is a lonely life and this month was heavy on the writing and the lonely. Maybe I’m the only one but there was a week where I questioned everything about who I am and what I do. Sprinkled throughout that week were unexpected messages and affirmations from people letting me know how I helped them without me knowing it. When I wondered in tears if I even matter a chorus of voices rose up and said yes.

8. My curly red hair. This month a lot of people remarked about my hair and I joke about it, but I’m loving it at the same time. The curls came out of nowhere earlier this year. I call it my menopause hair. Although the red is disappearing and white is taking over, I love the color. I love that I wet it, scrunch it dry with a Sham-Wow cloth, and I’m done. That’s it. Don’t hate me.

9. Criminal Minds. Where has this show been all my life? Yes, it’s dark and it isn’t for everyone. Like NCIS, I’m fascinated by the team concept where each character is multi-dimensional. That’s hard to pull off and this show is strong. I do need to stop watching the marathons Sunday nights before bed, though.

10. I love how great you are. Starting Tuesday the thankful posts start and they come from you. The new guest bloggers this year is overwhelming and the content is inspiring. I know because of Thanksgiving November is a thankful time of year but I also know first hand how bleak the month can feel. I’m telling you, the thankful posts are going to be something you love.

Speaking of love, I’m working on my Facebook writing page and would love for you to “like” it.  Click here.


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3 Thoughts to “Character Confession: Like Drinking an Almond Joy Every Day”

  1. Good Morning, Julie! I enjoyed these observations and reflections on life. Curly hair–that’s awesome! Yeah,the writing life can get lonely, especially if you’re a people person–which I am. I like the show Criminal Minds, really intriguing. Coconut creamer–sounds yummy.
    Your posts always have a way of inspiring me and cause me to dig a little deeper. Thank you, my friend!

  2. Thanks, Rita, you are such an encourager. I’m definitely an introvert but those times when the writing hits a wall I long for affirmation and God is always right on time. I can’t imagine being a writer and an extrovert. That would be challenging!

  3. I drink my coffee black, or else I’d add the coconut creamer. Because Almond Joys have always been my favorite candy bar, and probably are the reason for my obsession with all things coconut. As for the rest of the post, I try to remember to be grateful for several things every day.

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