It was two years ago July when I wrote a guest post for the site, Adding Zest to your Nest. This is a Christian site that encourages women in married se*uality. The contents might be uncomfortable for some and I absolutely understand that. What I won’t do is say it is wrong. I grew up with a generation that didn’t talk about anything. The good, the bad, the temptations, problems, nothing. And I refuse to live that way.

I’ve had infertility, a miscarriage, baby blues, hormonal issues,  hysterectomy at 38, near loss of child, special need situations with that child, and so on. I don’t air dirt to air dirt, but I share my experiences in hopes one person, if even one person could be encouraged, it’s worth my “going there.”

That said, my guest post is up for repost today at Adding Zest. People still give me odd looks and many online still leave comments asking if the man in the picture is my husband.  The answer is a big no! I would never, ever put my husband on a post like that. I did have his permission to write that post, though.

The Nooner Remains a Popular Post at Adding Zest

So if you are a married person wishing to receive Biblical encouragement in the physical intimacy department, visit Adding Zest.  My repost?

The Nooner.

Told you I don’t hold back.

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4 Thoughts to “Two Years Later and They Are STILL Talking About This…”

  1. DonnaKay

    I read your Zest for the Nest and wonder just how naive you are to not know about the nooner! LOL!

    but, this is how many men CHEAT… they can “get it” anytime any where and so often to sneak into a closet or in the car or whichever secretary lives closest or between their locations and ‘calls’.

    Thinking that you have to drive somewhere, or that sex must be at home or in a bed might be the difficult part.
    Just make sure he is doing it with you! (Men can do sex 5 times a day (or more) so if you are Tiger Woods, Arnold or Anthony Wiener…. they can find a way!

  2. Donnakay,

    Sadly, you are right. Men can cheat and obviously, so can women. What I love about Adding Zest is it breaks wide open se*ual themes in an arena that was usually kept behind bedroom doors. The them for Adding Zest is “rebuilding the ruins.” I’m believing the site can help marriages to prevent such a thing yet also provide Christian encouragement to help marriages going through such a devastating thing.

    I didn’t know that song was about the nooner, now I hear it and it’s all I think about! 🙂

    Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!

  3. Kimberly


    but there is an episode where the celibacy club sings that and she thinks it is a dessert!

    That I would read this yesterday and then see that today!

    if you have not seen that episode you must! (it is about sex education)

    and YEAH! nothings better than an afternoon delight!

  4. Kimberly,
    That’s hysterical! I haven’t watched Glee either. I’ll have to be on the look out for that one.

    Thanks so much for sharing. That makes my night!

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