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How Would You Handle It? Hypocritical Mom of Video Game Playing Teen Edition

Posted by Julie on June 3, 2011 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

I’m a day off the schedule because I wanted to promote Jeannie Campbell’s new site yesterday. However most Thursdays until I run out of questions I plan to ask a question and look for your responses here and across social media on how you would handle it.

Did you miss last week?  Here is the question.




Here is this week’s question.

In a couple of months our oldest will be an official teenager. He is gifted like his dad in computers and enjoys video games. He is a spiritually sensitive person, like me. What music and movies many of you can watch without issue really affects us. Yet, he’s a boy and he likes doing guy things.

Did I mention he likes video games?

I feel like a complete hypocrite because I allow him to play T rated games under my supervision that deal with war time situations. The example I allow is Civil War. He is a huge fan of the Civil War and although the goal is to eliminate your opponent I let it slide because a lot of history is shown throughout the game. I kind of justify the violent aspect of it because this is history, not random contemporary men but soldiers who indeed battled.

He now has X Box Live and has let me know when he logs on and sees his friends playing they are always playing Call of Duty or some kind of military’ish game set in contemporary times. Thing is, those games are rated M and I’m not okay with that. His friends say there is an option to turn off the blood and words. With the game I allow him to play the weapons are up close but the consequences are not. With Call of Duty and games like it I know it can be very visual and as a Christian family with easily affected kids, I’ve drawn the line.

How would you handle this? Would you call a mom a hypocrite who lets a child play Civil War but not Call of Duty? You can absolutely agree to disagree, there is no right/wrong answer, we all have our convictions. I just want to see…How would you handle it?


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