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Michael W. Smith: Sovereign CD Giveaway + #skyspillsover video

Posted by Julie on May 29, 2015 in Book Review, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

This year I’ve been blessed to not only participate in book reviews, but movie and music reviews, too. Today I’m able to share with you Michael W. Smith’s video Sky Spills Over.

Here’s what he had to say: “I’m really passionate about the song SKY SPILLS OVER. It was fun creating it in the studio and I’ve been overwhelmed at the response it gets when we perform it live every night. My son Ryan is a really talented filmmaker so I always enjoy working with him on a project. But what made this project even more special was that 3 of my own grandkids were in the video. This video was a lot of fun to make. I hope people enjoy it!”

He has a new album out, Sovereign. Want a copy? Leave a comment with your favorite Michael W. Smith song and I’ll draw a winner TOMORROW, Saturday, May 29.

Great video, right? The only shocking thing?That Michael W. Smith is a grandpa!

Remember, leave a comment with your favorite Michael W. Smith song for a chance to win a copy of Sovereign.

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The Love Boat Bachelor is FREE on Kindle

Posted by Julie on February 16, 2015 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

Have you read The Love Boat Bachelor? It’s FREE on Kindle the 14th-17th.

Romance is a joke.

After the love of Brent Teague’s life came back into his world only to marry someone else, Brent is through with women. He might be through with being a pastor, too.

Brent was so sure that God brought Mara Adkins home to him so they could marry and live happily ever after. Six months after her wedding to another man, that theory is obviously a dud. If Brent could be so wrong about that, who’s to say he’s not mistaken about God calling him to pastoral ministry?

Tired of watching Brent flounder for direction, Brent’s feisty older sister boots him out of Spartanburg and onto a cruise ship. Brent’s old college buddy manages the ship’s staff, and he’s thrilled to finagle Brent into the role of chaplain for the two-week cruise.

As the ship sets sail, Brent starts to relax. Maybe a cruise wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But there’s just one little thing no one told him. He’s not on any ordinary cruise. He’s on The Love Boat.

What’s a sworn bachelor to do on a Caribbean cruise full of romance and love? He’ll either have to jump ship or embrace the unforgettable romantic comedy headed his way.

Learn more about Brent in A Dozen Apologies, available on Kindle.

You can learn more about the authors, Brent Teague and fun about the book throughout social media and our blogs. Write Integrity is the central hub for all things Love Boat Bachelor.

One of the most fun things associated with the book is the video our creative leader, publisher Tracy Ruckman, from Write Integrity Press, created. It’s in my left sidebar this week.

It’s also here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Purchase The Love Boat Bachelor here.

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Video of the Week: Escape to Big Fork Lake by Mary L. Ball

Posted by Julie on March 25, 2014 in ACFW, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

This week’s video of the week on my right sidebar is Mary L. Ball’s Escape to Fork Lake.

Book Description:

Will an inheritance bring new happiness or a trap for murder? 

Bad luck seems to follow Sam Blacker. She loses her job and faces daily struggles keeping her drunken neighbor away from her. 

When an unexpected inheritance gives her a chance for a new beginning, Sam, a city girl at heart, is hesitant. However, after a brutal attack she has no choice. 

Making a decision that will forever change her life she flees to the small fishing town of Big 
Fork Lake, Alabama and soon finds herself in the arms of Noah Frye. A tumultuous relationship with Noah sparks buried desires of the heart, even if he is a Christian, surely, she can get around that little problem. 

As Sam and Noah’s passion grows trouble lurks in the shadows, waiting and watching. Inescapable, Sam’s bad luck returns when she stumbles upon a murder and becomes the only suspect. Will she have to run again, this time to stay out of prison? Worse, will she lose the best man she’s ever found? And what about the newfound hunger in heart to know God—can she truly trust in Him?

To purchase Escape to Big Fork Lake, click here.

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Video of the Week: Murder a Cappella by James Callan and Diane Bailey

Posted by Julie on February 12, 2014 in ACFW, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Writing |


Book Description:

Two lost lives. Four lost crowns. It’s musical mayhem at the Alamo.
When the Sweet Adelines International Barbershop Competition brings Tina’s chorus to San Antonio, she kicks back. For a week, she can forget about her career as a police officer. Time for fun, glitz, and as much a cappella singing as she wants—and she wants to hear it all. Who knows, there may even be four winners’ crowns for their local quartet! But when two members die singing “Mister Sandman” in front of the Alamo, Tina discovers that bullets and barbershop are anything but a harmonious combination. 

Although police work was the last thing on her mind, Tina sifts through racks of sequined costumes and whispered gossip, desperate to discover who might want the lead and bass singers dead. Could it be the protesters who hate that the Sweet Adelines turned the Alamo into a theater backdrop? The rival quartet that lost a contract because of their group? The director with a reputation as a ladies’ man and a bad habit of poaching the best singers?

As the notes and the stakes rise higher, it becomes obvious that the killer has more on his mind than a song, and Tina may be next in the crosshairs.

The book trailer for Murder a Cappella is this week’s featured video at Each week I post a book trailer from Christian authors and/or members from ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers.)

I love a good mystery, so this was fun to post.

Why not check it out? To purchase Murder a Cappella, click here.


By the way, I’m near my 100oth post. Yep, you read that right. It’s the 1000th post on this server/domain, I know I’m actually closer to the 2000th mark. I’d love to celebrate by sharing some books with you. I’ve been in a reviewing frenzy, and I’d love to send some books to you.

Change Before You Have To and Smitten Book Club are just a couple I have available. I’ll get the full list to you soon.

How do you win?

Be the first person in my dashboard that comments on that 1000th post. I know what post is that big number. You don’t. But it’s close. Very close. So start commenting!


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Beth Prescott realizes there’s more to her new job with the Hammondsport senior citizens when her clients keep trying to match her with their grandsons. She wants to excel at her job and push past the memories of a bad romance.

Dean Kellerman returns to the area to help his grandfather and forget his mistakes.

The two run into each other and find the only thing they have in common is Walt Kellerman. As they work together can they enjoy a friendship, or, will their secrets divide them once and for all?

Visit and sign up through the right sidebar. Make sure you activate by looking for the email from Julie Arduini/Mailchimp


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Video of the Week: Dark Biology by Bonnie Doran

Posted by Julie on January 28, 2014 in ACFW, Julie Arduini, Writing |

Each week I like to feature Christian authors and their book trailers through my video widget on my right sidebar. This week’s book trailer is Dark Biology by Bonnie Doran.

About Dark Biology:

Renowned vaccinologist “Hildi” Hildebrandt has set her sights on beating her brother to a Nobel Prize, and the opportunity to conduct experiments on the International Space Station might just provide the means to obtain that goal. 
Chet Hildebrandt should have had that opportunity. But now he’ll teach a lesson to them all: his hot-shot astronaut sister, his philandering hypocritical father, and the CDC for not properly appreciating his work. One vial of a virus purloined from the CDC labs and released at his father’s marriage seminar should do the trick, without hurting anybody. After all, it’s only a mild influenza strain… 
Or is it? 

To purchase Dark Biology, click here.

Learn more about Bonnie Doran:

Website: Where Faith and Science Fiction Collide:

Blog: The Mad Scientist’s Wife:

Twitter: @bonniedoran


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Featured Video of the Week: The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman by Carole Brown

Posted by Julie on October 8, 2013 in ACFW, Julie Arduini, Writing |

The video this week is a little different, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out. Carole Brown’s book trailer for The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman is hosted on Animoto, and doesn’t seem compatible with my right sidebar. You will see the link in place of the video, and I hope you watch it.

I’m also going to include it here.


The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman:

A novel about a cult, abuse, revenge, redemption: Hope Shining Through the Darkness

Caralynne Hayman is angry and bitter over the abuse and death of her eleven-year-old daughter at the hands of a radical religious cult – The Children of Righteous Cain. So when her husband, a founding member of the cult, suffers a massive heart attack, Caralynne allows her husband to die.

Caralynne’s secret seems safe until Dayne MacFarland returns from college. Determined to learn the truth about the clan, Dayne’s investigation and his rekindled love for Caralynne, lead the pair toward a confrontation with clan leaders.

Can Dayne’s love for Caralynne bridge the gulf of anger and bitterness that divide the community? Or will Caralynne’s deadly secret prove too high a price for her redemption?


To purchase the Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, click here.

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