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Character Confession: Frazzled. I Think That Fits.

Posted by Julie on June 4, 2011 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

I promised God that when I started writing no matter what I’d be transparent and honest.

Saturdays are all about my Character Confession and so here it is.





Summer vacation is days away. I think. I’ve heard 5 different versions of when the last day is. I wouldn’t care except I will be traveling almost immediately after whatever the last day is.

The doctor isn’t liking the result of a test I keep taking so off to a specialist I go. The office insists on making the appointment. Ok, I say, but make sure you don’t do it on these dates because I won’t be here.  They call.  Guess when the appointment is?

My son received a thick packet in the mail from Compassion. He told me last month they kept calling him during school but he wasn’t allowed to answer. I called and left a voice mail explaining he is a minor and if there is something to say, please call our numbers.  No call. The thick packet makes me nervous, so I open it first. I learn his child passed away and they are allowing him the option to leave Compassion. I had the fun of explaining the situation.

Most likely because of whatever is going on with me and the test, I’m not feeling 100%. I had one medicine switched but it is too early to tell if it is helping my symptoms. Remember last week’s confession about warm?  This week is starving and not sleeping.

Kids needed a talking to by dad for ignoring me and their chores. I have to stay on top of it and it’s work, but there is improvement.

As of typing this post there are no comments on my How Would You Handle It? weekly post.  Last week had great responses.  This week zero. I really believe this is a weekly thing I’m supposed to to.

Last minute notice on school and child social activities. I don’t do well with chaos.

I go to get hair done and the stylist remarks how she heard there was a change at the school my kids go to and do I agree with it. I offer that whenever there is transition I pray the person prospers. She isn’t thrilled with my answer. I’m nervous about the next hour.

I come home and hear my name through the window. It’s my neighbor who one minute will talk to me and then for three years won’t. She has no problem looking through my window and watching every move we make and when she did talk to me it was questioning my choices and/or running down everyone else. I believe the three year break was because she was offended when our dog ran away.  That was a devastating time and thankfully the dog returned and I even made a new friend from it. But the neighbor wouldn’t respond to my hellos or waves, nothing.

Until today.

Her grandson, who also isn’t a big fan of ours because I wouldn’t let my child play with him anymore, says is this your dog. The same dog escaped from our fenced in back yard. I still have no idea how she did it. I can’t find a crack that she can fit in, but it has to exist. The grandmother made it clear that she watched the dog run down two streets and nearly miss being hit three times. The glare said it all. So apparently I’ll be on another three year no speaking punishment.  I feel like a failure, but I confess, a little relieved as well. Things were a lot less stressful when she ignored me.

Hubby is golfing.  Youngest is sunburned and tired from field day. Oldest is wanting me to stop writing so I can take him to a party I just found out about. The dog is looking at me. I’m not sure I like my hair.

This is the stinker that has me in trouble with the neighbor…again.









I think that fits.

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How Would You Handle It? Hypocritical Mom of Video Game Playing Teen Edition

Posted by Julie on June 3, 2011 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

I’m a day off the schedule because I wanted to promote Jeannie Campbell’s new site yesterday. However most Thursdays until I run out of questions I plan to ask a question and look for your responses here and across social media on how you would handle it.

Did you miss last week?  Here is the question.




Here is this week’s question.

In a couple of months our oldest will be an official teenager. He is gifted like his dad in computers and enjoys video games. He is a spiritually sensitive person, like me. What music and movies many of you can watch without issue really affects us. Yet, he’s a boy and he likes doing guy things.

Did I mention he likes video games?

I feel like a complete hypocrite because I allow him to play T rated games under my supervision that deal with war time situations. The example I allow is Civil War. He is a huge fan of the Civil War and although the goal is to eliminate your opponent I let it slide because a lot of history is shown throughout the game. I kind of justify the violent aspect of it because this is history, not random contemporary men but soldiers who indeed battled.

He now has X Box Live and has let me know when he logs on and sees his friends playing they are always playing Call of Duty or some kind of military’ish game set in contemporary times. Thing is, those games are rated M and I’m not okay with that. His friends say there is an option to turn off the blood and words. With the game I allow him to play the weapons are up close but the consequences are not. With Call of Duty and games like it I know it can be very visual and as a Christian family with easily affected kids, I’ve drawn the line.

How would you handle this? Would you call a mom a hypocrite who lets a child play Civil War but not Call of Duty? You can absolutely agree to disagree, there is no right/wrong answer, we all have our convictions. I just want to see…How would you handle it?


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