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Celebrate Summer with a FREE and .99 Read!

Posted by Julie on June 19, 2016 in About Me, Julie Arduini |

Oneday_editedNOTE: If you receive this blog via email, the sale might already have started.

Although Ohio has seen 90+ temps already (and snow in May,) it is now summer. One of my favorite things to do is watch our daughter swim and have a book on the deck.

And now, I want to put a couple books in YOUR hands.

If you enjoy the feel of a “real” book, I priced ENTRUSTED and ENTANGLED so you could buy both and spend less than $20. Typically, you would see a full length novel sell for $15 each. I believe that much in these stories getting to people and changing lives.

If you have a Kindle, or a tablet, laptop, desktop or phone that you use for reading, I am having a sale on the ebook versions of ENTRUSTED and ENTANGLED Monday, June 20 and Tuesday, June 21. Remember, if you don’t have a Kindle, download the FREE Kindle app to your device and start reading!

ENTRUSTED will be FREE. Yep, no cost at all.

ENTANGLED will be .99. You can purchase both books in the Surrendering Time Series (book 3, ENGAGED, due later this year) for .99 ebooks. That’s how to say hello to summer!


ENTRUSTED will be FREE (ebook/Kindle version) Monday, June 20 and Tuesday, June 21.

ENTRUSTED will be FREE (ebook/Kindle version) Monday, June 20 and Tuesday, June 21.

Purchase Link: (Please check to make sure you’ve selected preferred format, and that the ebook sale started. It is slated to begin Monday, June 20, approximately 12am Pacific.)

“You need to go home, city-girl. You don’t belong.”

Jenna Anderson, sassy city-girl from Youngstown, Ohio, plows–literally–into Adirondack village, Speculator Falls, with a busted GPS and a determination to fit in as the newest resident. She wants to live a life without regret and make a difference. Moving to become the senior center director is the biggest risk she’s ever taken, and she believes her ideas are worth investing in. The senior citizens have been hurt by the last director, so Jenna has to work hard to earn their trust. When they embrace her, she thinks it’s time to show the seniors she intends to stay and make the center beautiful for them.

Town councilman and grocer Ben Regan is as broken as the flower box Jenna demolished. He’s grieving from the double loss of his grandfather’s passing and his former girlfriend leaving town without saying goodbye. His grief is so strong he wants to shut down the senior center before there’s too much change and heartbreak. Re opening the senior center and hiring a new director was never his plan. Jenna isn’t a Speculator Falls local and she has too many plans that will cost money the village doesn’t have. She’s too excited about his dream to expand the store his grandfather built. The harder he tries to keep Jenna at a distance, the more they are thrown together to work on community projects. They build a slow relationship, but the council needs to vote on the senior center’s future. Can Jenna show Ben both her and the center are worth trusting?


ENTANGLED will be .99 ebook Monday and Tuesday.

ENTANGLED will be .99 ebook Monday and Tuesday.

Purchase Link: (Please check to make sure you’ve selected preferred format, and that the ebook sale started. It is slated to begin Monday, June 20, approximately 12am Pacific.)
“You need to leave me alone. It’s the least you can do.”

Carla Rowling has been given her dream of attending cosmetology school. The gift is so generous she feels unworthy because of choices she made as a teen. The pressure mounts as Carla juggles school, is a single mom, helps her best friend Jenna plan her wedding, spends time with boyfriend Will Marshall, and deals with the fact that her son’s father is back in their lives.

Will Marshall is the one Speculator Falls resident everyone can count on. His truck deliveries are reliable. He’s the first to help friends like Ben Regan with boat work or be a card partner with Bart Davis. Will’s ready to settle down with Carla, loving her is natural. He’s bonded with her son, Noah. But when Carla starts cosmetology school, she puts emotional distance between her and Will.

Can Carla release her past and create a future full of highlights, or, will she burn her options worse than a bad perm?

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MC Blogfest: An Interview With Ben Regan, My Fiction Character

Posted by Julie on June 24, 2011 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |




I have a guest today, kind of. Author Elizabeth Mueller is hosting a MC blogfest, inspired by Character Therapist Jeannie Campbell. I blogged about Jeannie recently, if you write fiction following her blog is a MUST.

Jeannie recommends that writers get into the heads of their main character and have the MC answer three questions. Doing so is going to give greater depth to your character and perhaps reveal more for your story you didn’t even know about. I love doing things like this because it really helps. Today Elizabeth is taking that exercise and having fun with it through a MC Blogfest. Prizes are available so join me and link up today.

With that, let’s meet my main character from my work in progress (WIP) Spectcular Falls. Ben Regan is the village grocer and councilman in fictional Speculator Falls, NY. This is a setting in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY based on my favorite place in the world, Speculator.

Ben’s family has a long history with Speculator Falls so he doesn’t take kindly to new folks barging in trying to change everything. Right now he keeps butting heads with newcomer Jenna Anderson, an Ohio young woman who moved to Speculator Falls to be the new senior center director after one phone interview.  A little problem…Ben is working hard to shut the center down for good.

So Ben, what is your greatest fear?

Ben: Loss and change.

Care to expand on that?  I know you’re fidgeting in your chair but there is no time frame here.  Share away.

Those that live in Speculator Falls know my story. Anyone else is a tourist in my book but tourists keep my business alive.  About eighteen months ago my grandfather, John Bivins, passed away. He was the heart and soul of Speculator Falls. His death was cruel. Before he got sick I watched him after he visited the senior center. So many of his friends were in poor health and then next thing you knew, the center was closed mornings for funerals. I hate loss. I hate that the former director of the senior center thought she was too good for Speculator Falls and left. That was like another death to me.

Let’s talk about something happy. What is your biggest accomplishment, Ben?

There are two. I take my job as co owner and manager of J.B.’s grocery story seriously. Grandpa built and ran that place for decades. I pretty much grew up there. I’m happy that business is great, I feel like I’m honoring grandpa by taking good care of the store. I’m thinking about an expansion but I’m nervous about it. A lot of risk, not sure about it so I can’t count that as an accomplishment yet.

The other accomplishment is my house. It’s log cabin style with a wrap around porch on top of Panther Mountain overlooking Pieseco. I built it with grandpa. It’s my sanctuary.

One more question. What’s your biggest regret?

Hmmm. Letting my grandmother near a computer and a phone. That’s all I’m saying on that subject.

Ooookay Ben, that’s cryptic. I guess we’ll have to read more when the time comes. No clues?

I’ll give you two words and then I have to go.  Ready? Jenna. Anderson.

Ben, thanks for your time. I learned a lot through this.

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