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Engaged #Giveaway Opportunity!

Posted by Julie on June 3, 2017 in About Me, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

It’s been quiet in this corner for a lot of reasons.

  • End of school year madness. Why does it surprise me every year?
  • Travel
  • Loss of a dear, dear friend
  • Tom’s travel schedule
  • Co leading a small group study with Tom
  • Oh, and I’m releasing ENGAGED this month!

Engaged #Giveaway Opportunity!

ENGAGED is the third book in the Surrendering Time Series. ENTRUSTED was about surrendering the present. ENTANGLED was about surrendering the past. ENGAGED? You guessed it. Surrendering the future.

I loved ENTRUSTED, but the process was a challenge because it was new and I was full of doubt. I did not love ENTANGLED. The story has been a favorite with readers, but I couldn’t relate to Carla, so it made the writing process difficult. I struggled more with doubt. The second book syndrome is real.

ENGAGED has been fun to write. It brings back some humor and sass that I had in ENTRUSTED and carries a theme I know too well. Surrendering your dreams for God’s plans.

I’ll share more as time is closer, but for now, there is a chance for one US winner to win a signed copy of ENGAGED.

Here’s how:

Visit Patti’s Porch and leave a comment on the post. Of course, you need to read the post. It’s a good story, and all true. I’ll never forget how that all came together. Only God. 


If you aren’t a newsletter subscriber, now is the time! I am working this weekend on making ENTRUSTED a free gift to newsletter subscribers as a celebration of ENGAGED. Subscribe HERE!

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Book Review: Arizona Cowboy by Jennifer Collins Johnson

Posted by Julie on August 21, 2014 in Book Review, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

Cowboy Holden Whitaker Believes in Second Chances 

Holden has never stopped loving Ava Herbert, even though she disappeared just as he was ready to say “I do.” Now Ava is back as the town’s new physical therapist, and this time Holden will do anything to get her to stay. 

As Holden seeks to renew their romance, Ava’s guilt grows. She’s never stopped thinking about her first love, but she has a secret that could destroy his feelings for her. When an injury lands the handsome rancher in her office, Ava can’t seem to resist his charms. If she can find the courage to share the truth, they may just have another go-round at happily-ever-after.


I really enjoyed Arizona Cowboy and was able to finish in one evening. Holden isn’t about to let Ava go a second time, but every time they are close, she runs. She’s got a secret that would change everything he feels about her, and the guilt and shame consume her. It’s a romance that is easy to keep turning the pages to as Holden is persistent but not overwhelming. Ava is vulnerable but not bitter. 

I enjoyed the secondary characters as well. Holden’s dad, Aunt Irene, the colleagues at Ava’s job, Clyde…all wonderful full dimensional characters with their own stories to tell without overshadowing the hero and heroine.

I highly recommend you give Arizona Cowboy a chance. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

To pre order Arizona Cowboy, click here.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Review: The Shepherd’s Song by Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers

Posted by Julie on March 11, 2014 in Book Review, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to The Writing Sisters, Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers. Not only is their video the book trailer of the week on my right sidebar, but their first adult book, The Shepherd’s Song: A Story of Second Chances, releases today.

Book Description:

Shortly before suffering a tragic car accident, Kate McConnell wrote the simple but powerful words of Psalm 23 on a piece of paper to give to her wayward and confused son.The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. . . . As she loses consciousness from her injuries, she wonders if she’s done enough with her life. 

When a lonely dry-cleaning employee finds Kate’s humble, handwritten copy of the psalm, it begins an incredible journey around the world, forever changing the lives of twelve very different people. From a soldier wounded in Iraq, to a young Kurdish girl fleeing with her family to Turkey, to a Kenyan runner about to begin the Rome Invitational Marathon, the power of the ancient words begins to take shape in various ways, drawing us into these stories inexplicably linked by the passing of the psalm from one recipient to the next. 

Betsy and Laurie are natural storytellers. They place readers right in the scene from the first sentence and give a journey, courtesy of the 23rd Psalm, written on a paper, to travel the world. Twelve people experience aspects of the Psalm from a wounded solider to a Kurdish girl to a family impacted by a car accident. Each story fit the verse without being forced. I loved how they brought the story back to the beginning by updating on Kate and her son that walked away from God.

This is a read that stays with you because each chapter is vivid and gripping. It’s hard to believe this is their first adult book because the characters and writing were top-notch. I encourage you to watch the book trailer to learn about the authors. Their story is fascinating.

I think you’ll find The Shepherd’s Song fascinating, too. I look forward to more from the Writing Sisters.

Eventually, Kate’s paper makes it back to its starting place, and she discovers the unexpected ways that God moves and changes lives through even our smallest actions.

To purchase The Shepherd’s Song, click here.

I received a copy of The Shepherd’s Song from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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