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Book Review: Authorpreneurship by Sharon C. Jenkins

Posted by Julie on February 8, 2014 in Book Review, Julie Arduini, Writing |

Authorprenuership-3-d-coverTake control of your writing career!

What does it take to become a successful author in today’s publishing world?  It’s not enough to write a powerful book – today’s author must understand and leverage the business side of writing.  Authorpreneurship by Sharon Jenkins takes the aspiring writer from curiosity to career, combining both sides of publishing – author and entrepreneur – to empower writers with direction, publishing options, marketing solutions and business savvy to grow their career.


You’ll learn:

  • What publishing model is right for you
  • Branding and how it sells your book
  • Your publishing personality, and how to leverage it
  • A business plan for a successful book launch
  • How to manage your time
  • How to create a powerful product
  • Winning traits of a personal support team
  • How to financially support your dream
  • Strategic and easy marketing secrets – online and off!

And resources to help you apply what you learn!



The book I wish I had when I started my writing journey.  Authorpreneurship is a practical, thorough, empowering tool for writers at every level to that will equip them to create a thriving career.  Best-selling, award-winning novelist and founder of My Book Therapy, Susan May Warren

I want thank Sharon for her dedication in supporting aspiring writers and authors like myself! In writing my first ever published book, Stories of An Entrepreneur in August, 2012, I dedicated it to Sharon Jenkins for providing me the tools and resources to write and share my book with my audience of start-up entrepreneurs of Women Entrepreneurs of America. Yolanda Lamar Wilder, Founder of Women Entrepreneurs of America

Sharon has been working with authors for years, giving us opportunities to learn from one another and benefit from her wealth of knowledge. Finally, she has gathered her resources and put them in an easy-to-read guide that will help authors follow their dreams! Best Selling Author Michelle Stimpson

Sharon Jenkins’ book, Authorpreneurship: Build a successful business as an Author , is a must read for anyone aspiring to master the art of writing, while at the same time learning what it takes to market and publish a book in today’s competitive landscape. You won’t be disappointed! – Cynthia O’Neal, TM3, LLC, Founder

Julie’s Thoughts:

I agree with Susan May Warren. I wish I had this book when I first started. Sharon has a way of presenting every possible thing a writer needs to know, including up-to-date information and connections, in a very easy way to understand. She covers everything, including finding out what your personality type is and how to use it in your writing journey. I think that’s a real stand-out, and she includes quizzes on many steps of the writing journey to help gauge where you are at.

She’s very generous with her resources, including the Appendix where she shares her non fiction proposal. There are summaries for each chapter. Even through her writing you can tell she’s a great encourager.

I recommend Authorpreneurship for anyone wanting to make writing a career, or if it is their passion. She gives the tools to make your writing plans a reality.

Ms-JenkinsokSharon C. Jenkins is a literary project manager, author, motivational speaker and visionary who serves as the Inspirational Principal for The Master Communicator’s Writing Services.  Formerly the managing editor of four electronic and print journals (business, community, health and wellness, faith-based) for one of the largest African American marketing and communications companies in Houston, she has also written articles in various national and local publications. These include Yahoo Shine, Diva Toolbox, Beauty Come Forth Magazine, Gospel Truth,, Houston Black Book and Small Business Today.

Jenkins is also the best-selling Amazon author of Beyond the Closet Door and has co-authored two other books,Songs of Three Sisters and Ready, Set, Succeed: Making Your Dream Come True.

Known as the Master Communicator, because she is proficient in communicating in multiple forms of media: radio, newspapers, magazines, and spoken word, her prevailing mission is to equip authors to live their literary dreams without emptying their bank accounts. She started this undertaking four years ago with the Desire to Inspire Workshops, which progressed to the 2010 – 2013 Authors Networking Summit, which were hosted in Houston and Detroit.

To purchase Authorpreneurship, click here.

I received a .pdf of Authorpreneurship from My Book Therapy in exchange for an honest review.

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Book Review: Beth K. Vogt’s Wish You Were Here

Posted by Julie on May 25, 2012 in Book Review, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

Wish You Were Here

| Beth K. Vogt

Allison Denman is supposed to get married in five days, but everything is all wrong. The huge wedding. The frothy dress. And the groom. Still, kissing the groom’s brother in an unguarded moment is decidedly not the right thing to do. How could she have made such a mistake? It seems Allison’s life is nothing but mistakes at this point. And pulling a “Runaway Bride” complete with stealing, er, borrowing her best friend’s car doesn’t seem to solve her problems. Can Allison find her way out of this mess? Maybe she just needs to stop orchestrating everything. Allison prefers being the one in control, and giving it up is not going to be easy. But to find her way again, she will have to believe that God has a plan for her and find the strength to let Him lead.

I’ve followed Beth’s writing for quite awhile. I’m a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) mom and now mentor mom, and Beth has been encouraging moms in this organization with her work with MOPS. I remember when her non-fiction book about having a baby after 35 came out.

Then I visited Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck’s My Book Therapy, a cyber team full of helps for fiction writing, and Beth was there. Beth? A fiction writer? I kept an eye on her, wondering how that would work out. I confess, it was part for my own curiosity as most of my writing credits are non-fiction, but my heart has been fiction. If Beth made the jump, could I?

I can tell you this, Beth has made the jump, and it’s a successful leap into fiction with her debut novel, Wish You Were Here. Beth doesn’t dip her toes in the fiction waters, she jumps right in by delivering an unconventional romance. When Allison’s story starts, she’s five days away from her wedding and ends up kissing her soon to be brother-in-law. She runs from her own wedding. How can a story move forward when it looks like Allison is boxed into a corner?

Beth Vogt delivers. She not only writes Allison out of the runaway bride corner that kissed the fiance’s brother, she creates profound characters and deep backstory. I finished Wish You Were Here in one sitting because it was unique and full of heart. Each chapter features a postcard message, and there is bonus material at the end that I really enjoyed. The story if full of memorable characters, my favorites being Meghan and Aunt Nita. Contemporary themes that could give hope to readers are woven into Allison, Seth, Daniel, and Hadleigh’s stories. What I love is if anyone else in their debut novel tried to incorporate so much, it would be convoluted.

I’m curious about Beth’s motivation with Scoti. She gives a quick glimpse into his character, and it threw me, especially as this is a Christian novel. It’s not bad what she hints, but I admit, I’m curious as to why she went there. But it doesn’t take away from the story. Another memorable moment–I LOVED the shout out to Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck.

For all the readers who struggle with surrendering control and offering forgiveness, Wish You Here isn’t just a good summer read, it’s a must read.

About Beth:

Beth K. Vogt provides her readers with a happily ever after woven through with humor, reality, and God’s lavish grace. She’s a non-fiction author and editor who said she’d never write fiction. She’s the wife of an Air Force physician (now in solo practice) who said she’d never marry a doctor-or anyone in the military. She’s a mom of four who said she’d never have kids. Beth has discovered that God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” She writes contemporary romance because she believes there’s more to happily ever after than the fairy tales tell us. Beth earned a journalism degree from San Jose State University and met her husband Rob when he knocked her down at a karate studio. They’ve been married for 31 years. They have four children, ranging in ages from 28, 25, 23 and – thanks to a funny thing happening on their way to the empty nest-a 10-year-old. The Vogt Team, which now includes a “daughter-in-love” and “son-in-love,” enjoys hiking and camping in Colorado. Read more about Beth at her website:


Link to buy the book:

Here are the other bloggers participating in the Wish You Were Here Tour:


I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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12 Pearls of Christmas—Susan May Warren’s Enjoy the Ride

Posted by Julie on December 21, 2011 in encouragement, God's Word, Guest blogger, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

Welcome to the 12 Pearls of Christmas!

Enjoy these Christmas “Pearls of Wisdom” from some of today’s most beloved writer’s (Tricia Goyer, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, Sibella Giorello and more)! Please follow the series through Christmas day as each contributor shares heartfelt stories of how God has touched a life during this most wonderful time of the year.

AND just for fun … there’s also a giveaway! Fill out this simple {form} and enter for a chance to win a beautiful pearl necklace and earring set ($450 value). Contest runs 12/14 – 12/25 and the winner will on 1/1. Contest is only open to US and Canadian residents. You may enter once per day.

If you are unfamiliar with Pearl Girls™, please visit and see what we’re all about. In short, we exist to support the work of charities that help women and children in the US and around the globe. Consider purchasing a copy of Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace or one of the Pearl Girls products (all GREAT gifts!) to help support Pearl Girls.


Enjoy the Ride!

Susan May Warren

We sit poised on the top of a cliff, a near drop off before us, that falls to a rushing river. In the middle, a bridge of snow and ice hints at our destination. My husband guns the snowmobile engine. “Ready?”

Ready? For a face plant into a tree, maybe reconstructive surgery? To feel my stomach ripped from my body as we plummet down the mountain? Let’s do it!

We live on five acres of woods in northern Minnesota that butts up to a national forest. Hence, our backyard is about a hundred thousand acres. Aside from harboring deer, lynx, fox, cougar and bear, it also makes excellent snowmobile terrain. And not long ago, Mrs. Claus gave her Santa a snowmobile for two.

I love snowmobiling. Flying over the snow, catching air over drifts. I love to drive, to be at the helm of the beast as I weave around trees and over hill and dale, my husband sitting behind me. I also love riding behind my husband as he drives, feeling those powerful arms as he’s muscling the snowmobile into the wilds. We follow unknown trails, driven by a Magellan spirit, hoping that we have enough gas to get us back to civilization. I love hanging on, simply trusting him, knowing that wherever he’s taking me, he’s going first.

But there are times, when I see where he’s taking me, and I just have to bury my head in his back. Like straight down a cliff.

However, my heart cheers, despite the terror as we gun it down the hill, over the river, up the opposite side. And, if we hadn’t let ourselves go, we would have never discovered the beauty of a winter river, a hidden jewel buried deep in the forest. Nor the exhilaration of facing the challenge together.

Further on, we find an enchanted forest of towering white pine. Catch a view of Lake Superior, discover an old cabin in the woods.

It occurs to me that snowmobiling is much like my spiritual life. Occasionally, I drive, and it’s me setting our course, weaving through the trees, getting us hopelessly lost. But when God takes the “wheel” and I hang on, trusting Him for the speed and destination, I see the scenery. I trust him to keep me safe. I trust him to bring me home, where there is an eternal supply of hot chocolate.

As Christmas season becomes more hectic, what if I let God drive?  Maybe everything doesn’t have to be perfect, and maybe I don’t have to control every tradition, every holiday nuance. What if I just held on for the ride?

I’ll bet I’ll still get there, and I might even enjoy the scenery along the way.

How have you let go, and “enjoyed” the scenery of this hectic, exhilarating Christmas season?

Merry Christmas!


Susan May Warren is the RITA award-winning author of thirty novels with Tyndale, Barbour, Steeple Hill and Summerside Press.  A four-time Christy award finalist, a two-time RITA Finalist, she’s also a multi-winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice award, and the ACFW Carol Award.  A seasoned women’s events speaker, she’s a popular writing teacher at conferences around the nation and the author of the beginning writer’s workbook: From the Inside-Out: discover, create and publish the novel in you!.  She is also the founder of, a story-crafting service that helps authors discover their voice.

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Fiction Friday: Second Time Around

Posted by Julie on April 1, 2011 in Julie Arduini, surrender, Writing |

Share Your Fiction Friday Link Below!

Welcome to Fiction Friday! Join us by posting your fiction work on your blog and linking below.

What’s that saying, life gets in the way? My heart is driven for fiction lately and yet it’s the last thing I’m doing these days. I had a story idea all week and between field trips, dodgeball tournaments and being sick, the idea is still in my head.

But…I am sharing an idea I’ve had for years for a fiction story based on surrender and forgiveness. I entered it for Flash Fiction with My Book Therapy (join that group!) and still haven’t had time to rework the excellent points they gave me.

Here it is though: a young woman who grew up in the middle of her mother’s betrayal learns her half sister discovered the same truths and runs away. Can Clari Baker forgive the past in order to help her sister Savannah do the same?


I’m pretty sure talking on a cell phone while pumping gas isn’t as potentially explosive as trying to diffuse a tween half sister on the verge of running away. Savannah Parks’ shrieks muffle the gas pump beeps.

“All those years I wondered what I did for you to hate me, why you refused to live with us when you had college breaks. It was never me. It was all mom.”

I finish the transaction and gather my thoughts.  A dozen years of betrayal, anger and unforgiveness seem to transfer over the phone line. Savannah sounds just like I did but the stakes are harder with her.

“You’re hurting sweetie, the last few months I’m sure have been hard for you. Don’t worry, I’m on my way. We’ll sort this through together.” I push my sweaty hair out from under the phone, ready to travel. Savannah’s still grumbling.

“I won’t be at the house. I’m packing my things and taking the journals to Pastor Dean’s. I can trust him.” She ends the call and I drop the phone.

Savannah has mom’s journals.

She’s heading to my childhood best friend’s house, my home away from home when I was growing up.

This time, Dean Welling is her childrens’ pastor and I’m just another family member that let Savannah down. I pick up the phone and call my dad. His soft voice calms my growing fears.

“You remember what it was like for us to learn someone we loved didn’t meet our expectations. Imagine Savannah finding out everything you did. Now add that her mother is dead and Savannah can’t go directly to her to learn more.”

“It’s time for me to right a dozen years of heartbreaking wrongs.”

“I think Clari Baker; you’ve joined a mission God long ago put in motion.”

Your turn! Leave a comment and then add your post to Linky Tools below. I look forward to reading your story!

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