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Saturday Confession: The Letter I Imagine Jesus Giving to the Defeated One

Posted by Julie on June 13, 2015 in About Me, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

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Saturday, June 13

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Hey, Defeated One,

Yeah, I know you hate that name. That’s why during my special time with My daughter, Julie, I told her that’s your name. And that you hate it. And that I gave you that name. Because I want My Kids to know the truth.

You’ve been done for a long time.

And it won’t be long before the whole world knows how defeated you are.

But for now you have limited access, but I call the shots.

And one of the things I’ve done is tell my daughters, Julie for one, is that you are the true defeated one who is trying to pass that truth onto them instead. I let you try because when they realize they are not defeated, it’s a great time. For them.

For Me.

For My Kingdom that keeps growing.

You’ve been after my daughters and you’re getting desperate.

You love when people choose bitter over better.

When they refuse to forgive.

When they feel lost and empty and turn to things. Toxic things and people.

When people, even churches, especially churches, twist My Words.

And you love competition.

Families should be for each other.

Women should lift each other up but out of insecurity, you relish when they tear each other down.

But here’s the thing.

I know you have a target on Julie’s back. Remember? You had to ask my permission.

You’ve messed with her head.

Put situations in her path meant for her destruction.

When she’s been physically alone you’ve sent your worst agents to question where I was. If she mattered. If I cared. In that loneliness she has battled rejection, fear and fury. All because I said it was okay.

It’s not okay.

But I allowed it because I can see what you can’t.

I’m going to promote that girl to the next level.

I’m preparing her for things greater than she can imagine.

But you have a little hint, don’t you?

Because you’re that desperate.

You know she’s willing to do whatever I ask.

Her heart beats for Me.

And she’s going to take this season and grow from it.

Tell others about My faithfulness.

And make sure everyone who will listen know you are the defeated one.

Your access to her stops now because I said so.

Release every plan, person, word, curse, thought, agent from hell, idea you have against her and send all your destruction back with you never to rise up and go after her again. You will not be able to speak or move without my say so. Nor can anyone willing to listen to you be able to target her or her family. You and your minions get your hands off her writing, her ministry, her plans to give Me glory.

I’m going to prosper that girl. Her family. Friends. Church. Ministry. Writing. Home.

And it starts now.


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