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Movie Review: Patterns of Evidence Exodus

Posted by Julie on August 23, 2017 in Book Review, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

Patterns of Evidence-Exodus

The Exodus is an award-winning documentary by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney that chronicles an in-depth archaeological investigation in Egypt as his team attempts to corroborate the biblical text. The film explores one fundamental question: Is there any evidence that the Exodus story actually happened? Twelve years in the making, this provocative documentary reveals new or rarely seen evidence regarding the Israelites descent into slavery, their Exodus from Egypt and their ultimate conquest of the Promised Land. Although many scholars and archaeologists deny the validity of the Exodus story for lack of proof, Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus builds a case that sheds new light on the story.

PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: Exodus is a well-crafted documentary with beautiful cinematography and quality interviews. Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney takes the viewer step-by-step through his journey to learn whether the Exodus really took place.

I was surprised by the high quality of the production from video to music to interview subjects. A lot of topics were covered from plagues to papyrus, Joseph, and the Jericho walls.

I was a little confused by some of the dates, and I felt that the filmmaker considered the timing the key point of the Exodus. With that, a little more to explain/prove dates would have been helpful.

I am a simpleton of faith and believe in the Exodus because I believe the Bible is God inspired and a true account. The Israelites shared their history through story, and they story has held true for thousands of years. That said, Bible reader, history fan, or just curious, I believe this is important to watch.

I received a copy of the DVD in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Book Review: Leaving Egypt—Finding God in the Wilderness Places

Posted by Julie on April 19, 2012 in About Me, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

I wasn’t sure if the Amazon Vine Program would be worth my time, but already I’m enjoying the fruits of my choices. Today is no exception.

I chose Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness Places simply based on the title. My own wilderness story changed everything about me, and when I was in that season, I thought about the Israelites a lot.

I enjoyed this book a lot. The author, Chuck DeGroat, is the director of the counseling center at The City Church in San Fransisco. He gives a lot of contemporary examples of wilderness stories based on his experiences. I could relate to many and I was inspired and encouraged. Challenged.

The author is also academic dean of the Newbigin House of Studies as well as served as He also served as professor and director of spiritual formation at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He not only knows contemporary examples, He knew the Israelites’ stories as well. It’s clear he knows what he’s writing about and we could stand as readers to absorb his words.

No matter how well you know the Exodus story, it is one we live, like it or not. This book gives you the background to understand the ultimate Exodus story, as well as the blueprints on how to make the most of the experience and come out on the other side with freedom. Looking at other Amazon reviews, both those in academia and daily life found the book encouraging, sobering, and challenging. It’s more than a history, more than a summary of contemporary examples, it is a way to find hope and gain perspective that if we’d surrender and trust God with our wilderness, we’d actually flourish.

But we must choose it.


About Leaving Egypt:

The Exodus story is your story.

The Israelites’ liberation from Egypt and journey to the promised land is one the Bible’s most compelling stories a breathtaking account of competing wills, freedom and slavery, faith and doubt.

But the Exodus isn’t just a long-ago Bible story. It’s the overarching theme of every person’s life. We each find ourselves enslaved: to work, to destructive relationships, to food, to spending . . . but beyond our personal Egypt lies God’s promised land.

In Leaving Egypt, Chuck DeGroat shows how our wilderness journey helps us face our fears, receive our new identity, experience transformation, and live into our new found freedom.

Purchase Leaving Egypt by clicking here.

I received this book through my participation in the Amazon Vine Program.


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