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Facebook’s Love Your Spouse Challenge, Day 7

Posted by Julie on August 22, 2016 in About Me, encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

This is it! All week I’ve been sharing my posts from the Facebook Love Your Spouse Challenge. I hope you’ve been encouraged and wanting to apply oneness to your marriage. It’s worth it. Not easy. Worth it.


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Facebook’s Love Your Spouse Challenge, Day 7

Here we are. In a couple weeks we celebrate our 20th. There were people who questioned the age difference or the fact I was entering in a ready-made family. We went through infertility, miscarriage, parent deaths, job changes, near death of child and then the day-to-day.

We are not a perfect couple. In all honesty, this has been a tough year. We both changed our work situations. We had a child marry and a child graduate. We lost a beloved parent. Just one is what specialists suggest a couple go through in a year. Not all of them. We are both all or nothing personalities and we are both introverts. Affection is not natural for me, and he can be technical. We have different perspectives as parents, especially with medical issues. These truths are challenges.

But, God. We get each other’s jokes and laugh. The jokes we have are precious and goofy. We don’t get away a lot, so our hot tub dates are how we catch up on what’s going on, talk finances, schedule, etc…

We might get annoyed by failure to close cupboards or slurping, but if someone comes against one of us, we have each other’s back. If there’s a good action movie at the cheap theater, we’re all over it.

If you’re contemplating marriage or aren’t quite at year 20, realize those day 1 challenge pictures won’t look the same on day 7. You won’t be the same, either. I pray you are better, stronger, and more committed to oneness than you are right now. It is truly worth it.


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What 45 Looks Like on Me

Posted by Julie on March 28, 2015 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

Each year around my birthday I take a selfie or have a kid snap a picture and share what I’m experiencing. In this year of “revive” I have another hair change planned and new glasses so I’ll wait and post one from February.

February2015_edited_editedWow. 45. That’s a crazy number. Thirty didn’t bother me because I felt right on track for goals and God’s direction. Forty wasn’t too bad because the thirties had been tough, tough years in many ways.


That’s inching to fifty. Yikes!

I’m at a place where we have a teen driving and getting college mail. Our talks aren’t about Blue’s Clues and dogs, they are about relationships, faith and the future. We watch Vines and Jimmy Fallon.

We also have a tween and this year especially we’ve noted the change. She wears headphones a lot and retreats to her room. She’s finding me more often for girl chat, if she looks for anyone at all. She’s caring more about her appearance and rolling her eyes more than I like (because even once is more than what I like.)

My husband and I are talking about parents and hospital stays. When is a pet’s life no longer quality. Parts of the job that aren’t fun. Grown up stuff that isn’t full of laughs.

Then there are the changes. New home and transition. Being published and trying to savor that but needing to be working on the next thing, while marketing. Realizing more change is on the horizon.

And being tired.

So very, very tired.

As up to date and current as I’d like to think I am, and our son’s friends are kind enough to play around, I feel that age, especially with bad knees. There are times I see more of my chiropractor than my husband and that’s sad. The supplements I take doubled since last year. I can’t stay up as late as I have in the past, not without a mandatory nap the next day.

It’s a transition time and that’s a little scary, but what is secure in my life—my faith and family, that gives me the courage to take a breath and move forward.

That’s 45 on me.

What about you? What does your current age look like on you?

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What 42 Looks Like On Me

Posted by Julie on March 27, 2012 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Speaking, surrender, Writing |

This is my post from last year, with an update as I turn 42. It’s amazing how much can change in a year, right? I kept 2011’s post yet updated the next line for 2012.

I was born on Good Friday with tornado warnings. That sums up my personality more than you know. I now can say I’m in my 40’s but admit, it’s not a phrase I’m tempted to say.

I thought I’d share what this 40 something feels like. If you’re near my age perhaps you can relate.

What 42 looks like on me:

1.  2011-I’m growing my hair out and trying different styles just because.


2012-I grew it out, got sick of it, and wanted something short and  sassy.





2. I’m noticing my pretty blue eyes more than my double chin.

This is pretty much the same.

3. I’m counting the days…to my latest surgery.

Has that been a year? I have no pain from why I needed that surgery, but continue to need lab work because the results aren’t where we want them. Boo.

4. I’m bolder in the colors I wear and the things I say in love.

This is still true, but I notice that filter where I think first before speaking—is disappearing. Need to work on the love.

5. I’m very aware of my sins.

Still very true!

6. I’m too aware of everyone else’s sins.

Also very true. I’ve really struggled with this in the past year. The whole justice thing, boy has that been a big one I’ve taken to God over and over again.

7. I’m eating steamed vegetables and loving it.

I’m buying the vegetables but not steaming them as much as last year. I want to get back on track for that.

8. But I’m not completely surrendering the chocolate.

Still true…

9. I’m not feeling obligated to finish books that aren’t keeping my attention.

I’m trying to finish but with 9 pages on my Kindle and books I’ve promised to read for review, the Kindle freebies need to be pretty compelling. They usually are.

10. I am feeling obligated to press in for promises regarding my family.

This sounds odd, but not so much this year. So many things have been fulfilled, and that which has not, I’ve proclaimed one final time and put it down, quietly walking away and letting God work in His timing.

11. I’m not feeling guilty for booking a cruise for our 15th anniversary, anymore, that is.

I’m so glad we went. We had an amazing time and I’m probably the only person who loved the crew more than the passengers. I also walked away with a renewed sense to go on a short term missions trip. I am kind of feeling guilty that we now have a Disney cruise booked for the family. This will probably be our biggest and only vacation as the 4 of us, but my desire for missions has given me conflicted feelings.

12. I’m done worrying what others think and trying to please them.

Oh, so done worrying and people pleasing.

13. I’m in total heaven speaking and teaching.

I still love this. My time isn’t there as much as I’m in edit mode for fiction work.

14. I’m not sure what my writing future holds but I know who holds my future.

I needed this reminder!

15. I’m believing God for the plans He has for our kids.

Still believe this, and claimed it all through a rough winter.

16. I’m no longer bound to trying crafts if I don’t want to. I’m not good at it people!

Amen! My daughter seems bound and determined, though.

17.  I’m resting and loving it.

Still doing and loving this.

18.  The size of my jeans no longer define me. I am a beloved daughter of the King of Kings.

In my mind, my jeans are ripped and bloodied as I serve that King of Kings as a prayer warrior. So much has stepped up in this part of my life and it is a battle. I don’t have time to worry about my jeans when I put on His armor.

19.  I’m delegating more chores to the kids knowing my job is to prepare them to be someone’s spouse.

I’ve slipped a little on this as the oldest especially has been so busy and I’ve helped out. This summer though, he’s going to be more hands on preparing dinner…

20. I can’t believe how fast time is passing but I don’t grieve over years gone by. I’m looking forward and now more than ever longing for my eternal home. Legacy is a keyword for me.

Yep, this is still my heart. There are days I cry because this place is not my home. I long for heaven more than words could express some days. I love my life and I am blessed. But I know what my eternity holds, and I look forward to it!

What does your current age look like on you?

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