I’ve had friends come up to me and ask what am I doing to have the curls that I have. Truth be told, as I grew my hair out, I had no idea my hair was curly. I guess i had wavy hair when I was little, and was convinced for a looong time I needed perms. Then with pregnancy, my hair was straight without a perm.

Now I’m past the pregnancy stage and the curls are back, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was intimidated by them, but recently decided I have them, I don’t have to pay for them, let’s have fun with it.

Here’s what I am doing with it.


  1. Pinterest. I read a lot, and there were great ideas out there. Some of them worked for me, some didn’t. Here’s what did.


2. Shower. Each day has a plan. Sounds complicated. It isn’t.

Day 1: Sulfate free shampoo and sulfate free conditioner. I use SheaMoisture for the shampoo, focusing on scalp, and scrunching the curls. Not Your Mother’s conditioner. Scrunch the curls. Lukewarm water to rinse, but I leave some conditioner in. Once done, I squeeze some water out, and wrap my head in an old t-shirt. I learned the worst thing I could do is use a towel.

Day 2: I usually rinse only. Lukewarm. repeat the squeeze and shirt. If I feel I need to condition, I move ahead to Day 3.

Day 3: I color my hair (Feria) so I keep the conditioner and use that. Lukewarm rinse Repeat the squeeze and shirt.

Day 4:: If I think I need to shampoo, I go to #1. If not, I condition with Not Your Mother’s conditioner, and rinse out.

Day 5: Start all over!


3. I keep the shirt on while I brush teeth, get dressed, and put on makeup. I’m a minimalist with makeup, and my hair is shorter, so this process takes about ten minutes. I read not to put product in until hair is about 60% dry, and this works great for me.


4. I spray Tres Semme heat protectant spray on, and then put Marc Anthony Curl Envy Defining Lotion on, scrunching lightly, head upside down. I follow with LA Styling Gel. I clip my hair back at the crown for volume, and dry on low with a diffuser, head upside down. I used to air dry, but the diffuser is faster and seems to give less frizz. When it’s about 80% dry, I take clip out and dry with my head right side up.


That’s it! I know others use a curling iron to finish, but I scrunch, mist with argon oil, and scrunch again.


I know it sounds like a lot, but once I figured what works, it really doesn’t take a lot of time. Much less than blowing out. It’s a trial and error with products, but I like where it’s at, and I feel my hair is a lot healthier, even though I’m blow drying.


If you’re not sure what to do with hair that suddenly turned curly, go with it! I think you’ll like it.


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