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The furnaces of Ebon burn day and night, melting ores for weapons. Throughout the land, bonfires are lit as Ebonites pay homage to the Cauldron’s Dark Flame. The land’s midnight sky glows like sunrise. Ebon prepares for war as myths and legends from ages past take on flesh and walk the land. The Worms of Bal Malin soar the skies, the ancient fortress of Min Brock rises from the ashes, Storytellers from Claire weave tales of power – and now two mighty warriors arise, both claiming the dread title of Gor King. A clash of kings is inevitable, and only one can emerge victorious. “In mad times such as these,” Lassiter offered with one last look at the ridgeline, “sometimes the sane thing to do is be mad yours elf.” Mälque risked a quick glance as they rolled past the corpse of his brother. “Ain’t nothin’ but dyin’ out here today.” In a softer voice, as if offering a prayer or reciting a prophecy of his own demise, he added: “Nothin’ but dyin’ everywhere you look.” Yet when all hope is lost, a whisper comes. The War of Whispers rages.

51xcX4sorIL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_When Kings Clash is the third installment after Tears of Min Brock and Martyr’s Moon. I’ve commented before that fantasy is not my first genre as a reader and yet J.E. Lowder has kept me captivated the entire series with amazing storytelling. I thought the previous too were great reads.

When Kings Clash takes everything I enjoyed with the first two and enhances the experience, which I did not think needed improving. The imagery is breathtaking. Authors often hear they need to work on showing, not telling. When Kings Clash is all showing, and it is so seamless, I truly felt I was watching the action. It was dark, eerie, action-packed and suspenseful. There’s death, stealing, hopeless feelings and a battle for control.

Love fantasy? This series HAS to be on your list, starting with Tears of Min Brock and ending with the excellent When Kings Clash. If you don’t love fantasy, I still say give it a try.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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