Earlier this month I rolled out a new feature called “Don’t Miss This.” I love reading as much as writing, and I love promoting books. With that, each month I’m going to feature a book I don’t want you to miss.

This month is Catch of a Lifetime by Candee Fick. Reviews have been popping up around cyberspace and if you’re on the fence, or sideline, if you want to talk football, perhaps these links will help you decide to purchase.


  1. Laura Hilton’s Lighthouse Academy Catch of Lifetime review.
  2. Marian P. Merritt’s Interview with Candee Fick
  3. Sharon Srock’s Author Spotlight with Candee Fick
  4. My Book Review of Catch of a Lifetime

To purchase Catch of a Lifetime, click here.  Hey, buy two and give one as a gift!

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