In the last few years, I’ve learned a lot about friendship.  Some I gave my complete trust to only to find a knife in my back. Some I thought would be in my life until death, but for whatever reason, it was just a season and they are gone.

And then there are the bold friends.

This is a group that rose from the ashes of grief we all shared. We shook ourselves off and started praying together.  When I was up against some spiritual mountains that were threatening my peace and family, they didn’t ask if they could come and pray.

These friends told me when they were coming.Thankful_edited

Their mission to pray so focused they didn’t want coffee or snacks. They prayed that kind of prayer where you feel the gates of hell shake. It was a top moment not just from this year, but my life.

I don’t see these ladies every day. We haven’t met in awhile to pray. But when we send up a request, the responses are immediate and real. Intentional. Bold.

And I am forever thankful for each one of them.

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One Thought to “Thankful: Bold Friends”

  1. I have a handful of treasured, praying friends. We all know that, when one calls, the others will fall to their knees on our behalf. We might be miles away but we can feel each other’s prayers. There is nothing more powerful that prayers lifted to the Father.

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