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September 11th: Did You Go Back to Old Ways?

Posted by Julie on September 11, 2015 in encouragement, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

Each year I share where I was when I first learned that we were a country under attack. For new readers, I was a work-from-home mom with a three year old who slept in late that morning. I was working when my sister messaged me.


Had I seen the news?


I lived in Upstate NY at the time and I was in shock like everyone else.

Although the devastation was beyond words, I saw some positive news from people who took the attacks as a wake up call.

Some married the person they had taken for granted.

Some went out and chased a dream instead of a dead-end job.

Some surrendered grudges.

Some realized the world didn’t offer anything lasting and decided they wanted eternal security that Christ offers.

Great things in such a horrific period of time.

What sent me from shock to grief was how fast everyone forgot and went back to business as usual. Whether weeks, months or a few years after, the marriages ended. Unforgiveness ruled hearts. Negativity and division attacked our nation without pause.

As I reflect on the lives lost, the financial and health woes, the images the media will bring back that haunt and bring deep emotion, I grieve deeply.

  • We have children trying to kill parents.
  • An organization selling aborted baby parts.
  • A terrorist group spreading evil and fear through acts too graphic to mention.
  • An economy that’s limping at best.
  • Politicians voting based on who lines their pocket.
  • “Church” group forgetting Christ when they demonstrate at funerals.
  • Core values and the Bible mocked when not long ago they were respected, if not outright lived on a daily basis.
  • Widows, orphans, homeless, the addicted, those with a different opinion ignored or abused.

This September 11th, reflect on where you were and any vows you made to change for the better. Where are you now? Are you part of the solution, or the problem?

Forgive us, Lord, for the way we’ve destroyed this nation with our selfish ways. May we experience an awakening from You that no one and no thing can stop. That jails would be empty because there would be no crime. Hospices would close. Unemployment lines would be short and non existent. Only You can change the course of this country. Despite our failures, please heal this land. In Christ’s power, Amen.

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