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Book Description:

No longer needed as her father’s nurse, Mercy Lacewell attempts to step into his shoes at his acquisitions firm. That means travel, engaging strangers, and making final decisions—nothing she feels equipped to do. If her best friend has her way, Mercy will simply marry one of the single, available men she meets, but they overwhelm her. So handsome and kind. And so many. Even if she felt obliged, how could she ever choose?

Should she shove all attraction aside and focus on her father’s business, or is God warming her heart with the possibility of forever?

This is Book Three in the Heart Seekers series. Book One was A Dozen Apologies and Book Two was The Love Boat Bachelor. Unlikely Merger can stand alone but don’t you want to find out how all the stories tie together? It is quite the fun ride.

I wrote Landon Gates, Chapter 3, from Watkins Glen in Unlikely Merger. My heart was to honor the area I grew up in and create a character that represents the people. I named him after my nephew, and named his sister, Kaili, as the name we would have chosen had our son been a daughter. 🙂

All the heroes are swoon worthy and we heard at one point one vote separated five characters. Well, the votes are in but we can’t tell you who won Mercy’s heart.

Why not read on and find out? And once you’re done, if you enjoyed it, leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads? Thank you!

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