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This week I’m celebrating by sharing what business people influence us.

I LOVE Fay Lamb’s answer.

Fay Lamb:

Eva Marie Everson. I consider Eva a friend. She might consider me a stalker, but Eva is a tireless individual with her hands in so many ventures and conferences. I’d love to sit with her and learn her secrets.

My answer?
Walt Disney and the Imagineers. When we went on a Disney cruise a couple years ago I was taken aback by what constant forward thinking can do. What started as a little mouse on a steamboat now has movies, books, theme parks, a cruise line, toys, clothes and probably other things I’m not thinking of. On the cruise alone there was a cruise wide mystery where through innovative technology you learn who did it. It was nothing short of amazing. Disney had its own island. Over and over I kept seeing things that started with a “what if?”

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