008 I was on my way to church when I saw it. It was a classic car, one that most likely shows up at the car cruises I see all the time around here.

The car was shiny and a beautiful relic that I’m sure turned heads as it drove by.

And that’s when the Lord spoke to me.

The car was going in the opposite direction.

I was moving forward in my contemporary vehicle.

The historical car? Going the opposite way?

It was like it was going back to the past.

Where it belonged.


How many times this year month week today have I taken a trip to the past where I had no business traveling? I needed to focus on the future. Moving forward. Not getting stuck. No spinning tires. Yet the temptation was there. Over and over again.

Seeing that car gave me the right visual to concentrate on. To be in the right lane heading to my destination while seeing a classic car traveling on our little two lane highway in the left, opposite direction, was exactly what I needed.

My mom has a great saying:

“It’s okay to look in the rear view mirror, but don’t stare.”

The picture is my dad and his car at the time.

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