The word came to me in November. I was tired, burning the candle at both ends. Not recovered from the move or the stress of it. Off kilter from being vulnerable and dealing with some emotional ambushes I wasn’t ready for.

I was so spent I can’t say it was a prayer, but it was definitely a confession.

“I feel dead inside.”

And in that moment, the word came in a whisper.


I’ve searched images and combed through definitions trying to figure how this word is going to play out. And in that I’ve realized I need to live it out to find out.

So, stay tuned.










Tell me, what’s YOUR word for 2015?

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One Thought to “2015 Word of the Year”

  1. Heidi Kortman


    It connects well with thankfulness, which I’ve been working on for a while.
    Pollyanna wasn’t wrong. Being glad can involve thinking outside the box.

    The verses I’m continuing with are Isaiah 26:7, 8, and 12

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