This week I’m interviewing characters from Entrusted to give readers a better chance to get to know the characters.  Today I interview Sara Bivins, matriarch of Speculator Falls and Ben Regan’s feisty grandmother.

Entrusted FRONT Cover_editedSara, describe Speculator Falls to me.

Peaceful. Quaint. Good people. Family.

Like Jenna, you didn’t grow up there. What drew you to the Adirondacks?

God’s leading and my late husband, John. We met at a conference and it was instant. I left my city life to marry him and follow him to Speculator Falls. Together we built JB’s grocery store and raised our girls. 

I heard that you went behind the council and placed an ad to re open the senior center, hiring Jenna after one phone interview.

Guilty as charged. I know my grandson Ben is on the council and that he was the driving force behind closing the center. But, I know a good thing when I see it. The center is a necessary part of the area. And Jenna’s the best one for the job.

Did you also give Jenna your late husband’s vehicle?

I did. She needed a sturdy winter vehicle and I had one sitting in my driveway collecting dust. I know Ben was upset to see the truck all over town again, but he got over it.

Is it hard seeing reminders of your husband’s handiwork everywhere? It certainly seems to be a struggle for your grandson.

It was difficult at first but then I realized the store, our hunting cabin, Ben’s home, the truck—they are all comforting. Just as John was. Next to Jesus, he was my rock. I miss him so much but I have the promise that I’ll see him again.

Does Jenna remind you of you? You both seem to have similar backgrounds.

I definitely see some similarities. That girl belongs in Speculator Falls. I can’t wait until she figures that out.

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