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Annabelle Archer has been crushing on Rick Stockton for years. And now, when he notices her, it’s only because her brothers and sisters make it impossible for him to miss her. Annabelle still hasn’t decided if God’s will means she spends her life taking care of her six siblings, or if He has more in mind for her.Rick Stockton doesn’t mind that church activities and Annabelle’s brothers and sisters keep throwing Annabelle and Rick together. He just isn’t sure what it means. But as the kids keep trying to turn Rick into a snow angel—with sugar, baby powder, and more—he’ll work on figuring it out. Spending time with Annabelle’s family gives Rick a longing for one of his own…and an idea to make it happen.This Christmas, Annabelle may just find there’s a special angel in her corner, one that will stick around for a lifetime.



I’m a sucker for Christmas romances and Annabelle’s Angel has everything you want. A festive cover drew me in and a sweet story filled with children, a sibling seeking God’s will and a man open to whatever God has for for him kept me engaged. It’s impossible not to love the kids and their mischief and root for Rick and Annabelle.

This is a quick read and just the thing to put you in the Christmas spirit.

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