July2014SoaringEach Sunday I share one of my amateur nature pictures along with a few words about God’s love for you.

This picture was taken at the Soaring Museum in Elmira, NY. This area is known as the soaring capital of the world and the views are breathtaking.

An hour before this picture we were at Harris Hill park where we could see the gliders in the air.

The plan was giving it a tow, and then the glider was on its own.

We went to the top, where this picture is, in hopes of seeing some action.

Thing is, this picture is where the gliders are stored. Take off. And I assume they land there.

But the action is in their definition. They soar. And no one soars on the ground. I was looking in the wrong place. I should have kept my eyes on the sky.

That really hit me. If you want to soar, you can’t stay on the ground.

And as you start, in faith, where the glider has the plane, you have a Heavenly Father, leading the way and allowing you room.

To soar.

Want to know more about how I started to soar?

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