The Honor Key Book Description:

Russell Evans writes, “our relationship with God was restored with honor, and honor is the system God has built for blessing our relationships with Him and others.” Honor affects every part of your life—your family, your job, your finances, and your church life. In fact, it affects everything. God has a great deal more for us than the narrow slice of life so many of us experience—more abilities, blessings, and inheritance. He wants us to experience heaven on earth—to live life and to live it abundantly. He wants you to operate in your gifts and abilities, but honor is the key that releases these things in your life. Honor is the foundation of the kingdom of God, and it unlocks the possibilities of heaven.


027021LI really enjoyed The Honor Key. I never really thought the place honor has in our life and the consequences of walking that out in daily life. The author demonstrates what honor is and why we should live in a culture of honor with principles and examples that are easy to understand.

It was Biblical and a fairly quick read, although I slowed down to make sure I really received the message the author was trying to convey.

If you’re ready for a deeper relationship with God and wonder what a gameplan should be, I recommend introducing honor into your life. And start with The Honor Key.

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I received a copy of The Honor Key from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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