Last week we took a quick trip back to our hometown to visit family. It was the first time in awhile all four of us were together in the same car, so I was the passenger. Right away I noticed something.

There was bird poop covering quite a bit of my side of the window.

My husband was out of wiper fluid and the car wash we tried to go to was closed. We had a schedule to keep, so off we went.

I know the route. There are things I look forward to.

The barns.

The bridge.

The lake.

And everytime I looked out my side of the window, there was no beauty in anything I was glancing at.


Everything was magnified by bird poop.

Then it hit me.

When I have a bad attitude, that’s my bird poop. No matter what pretty thing is before me, my attitude clouds the beauty before me. I miss a blessing because I can’t get past the white mess called my attitude.

It’s not a pretty visual, and neither is a bad attitude. You’ve been around people with the terminal grumpies. Nothing is good enough for them. Everything is bleak. And if you’re honest, you can’t get away from them fast enough.

Are you that kind of person?

This winter has been harsh. About two storms ago I resolved to be foul. Even on a sunny day all I could focus on was the ice. My aching wrist. Another day off from school. I missed the cardinals in the snow. Blue skies.

Don’t have the mindset that is akin to bird poop when there is such a beautiful backdrop surrounding you.

That was my lesson this week.

What’s yours?

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