Saturday Confession: When the Well is Empty

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Winter in northeast has been relentless. The area is known for consistent cloud cover, and that can be trying. Add snow, ice layers, and many, many, MANY days with windchills below zero, and it’s hard to stay positive.

Then there are the day-to-day issues. The increased role I have embedded as mom: taxi driver. Laundry. Dishes.

Trying to find balance as a writer when I’m first a wife and mom.

Oh, and then the waiting.

For spring.

For answers.

We believe we’re meant to put our house on the market and move to a forever home where we’ll have room to minister. We can’t put the house on the market because it’s been too cold and snowy to work on the curb appeal. Now we have repairs because of the ice and snow coming through.

It’s frustrating.

And through it, I’ve been processing things I never allowed the time to deal with. Dealing with raw emotion is draining.

Especially when few know what’s going on, and many ask I step up and remember them in prayer.

When there were moments I was treading water as a human, let alone a prayer warrior.

Early this week I knew my “love bank” was empty. That place where my love language, words of affirmation, was in a deficit. I don’t require a lot, but when I receive encouragement, I can feed off that for weeks. And there just hasn’t been anything.


Until she reached for me, drew me in, and whispered not just into my ear, but deep into my tired soul.

Her words told me that for my persistence, for all the times I reached out and felt nothing came back, my invitations were received all the same. And for never giving up, I will be blessed. Abundantly blessed for keeping a smile despite the lack of evidence my offers were even heard, much less accepted.

I don’t do anything for credit or acceptance. I do it because I feel called to. But that obedience is lonely, and often without results that I can see. Those words took the sediment settling in the bottom of my well and brought in new waters that overflowed. Gave me hope and sustenance.

To keep waiting.








In hopes I can speak a word of encouragement over someone who is dealing with an empty well.

Have you ever felt drained and someone came along and said or did something that revived you?


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