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The Last Detail

by Lisa Lickel

Hope, love, and loss meld two polar opposite personalities. How long can
they keep passion for their ministry and each other after the wedding?
Merit ushers in new life; Amalia ushers it out. Love? Obviously. Marriage?
Check. Dealing with the family closet? Step back…When tragedy strikes, they
must learn to rely on each other in ways they couldn’t have prepared



Lea’s Gift

by Delia Latham

A victim of a house fire during infancy, Lea Dale’s severe facial
disfigurement pales in comparison to the scars Laren Meadows carries
inside…and his painful secret could destroy their chance at true love.
For the first time ever, an emotional Lea questions her special connections
with Heaven even as she investigates cruel pranks

at her father’s ranch for disfigured teens and tries to deal with her
roller coaster heart.


A Cowboy Christmas

by Delia Latham

A mom on the run; a special child and her “imaginary” friend; a cowboy; and
God. Shy horseman Dex Beckett longs to help lovely Layne Mabrey and her
daughter, but Layne’s lack of faith and stubborn refusal to relinquish her
distrustful heart could get in the way of even Heart’s Haven’s heavenly




by Gail
Margaret McWhorter lives in tranquil
Mistville, North Carolina, but there’s no peace in her life since her
Sean, took a steroid and nearly died. Margaret and Sean’s father demands
excellence in sports, but Sean fell short. Margaret’s still hustling to win
swim meets at Meriwether Christian High, where Sean was the number one
quarterback for the football team. In quiet moments she asks
God to heal Sean. She’s angry at her father for pushing Sean, but hate for
drug dealers drives her to find them. A clue overheard at a teen hangout
Margaret and two friends to the edge of this dangerous




By the way, I’m near my 100oth post. Yep, you read that right. It’s the 1000th post on this server/domain, I know I’m actually closer to the 2000th mark. I’d love to celebrate by sharing some books with you. I’ve been in a reviewing frenzy, and I’d love to send some books to you.

Change Before You Have To and Smitten Book Club are just a couple I have available. I’ll get the full list to you soon.

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