June Foster is one of my favorite authors. For one, she’s good. She tackles hard subjects with a softness and grace that leaves the reader wanting more. Second, she’s a giver. She takes time with others to share tips. In my case, spend a crazy amount of time to make sure once and for all I understand the difference between showing and telling. For that, I’m forever grateful.

Ryan’s Father takes June’s writing and the reader to the next level. The book is about Ryan, a teacher who has had to fight for everything he has. Most of all, temptation. He’s had little support most of his life and yet through adversity, has a strong relationship with Christ.

Sandy is a nurse who at surface looks like she’s had little trouble in her life. She meets Ryan during an earthquake and she’s instantly attracted to his faith. From faith forms a deep friendship, but something is in the way that Sandy can’t quite put her finger on.

Ryan’s Father is June’s best work to date. She developed Ryan and Sandy with layers of personality, issues, heart, and pain. The progression with both characters in their journeys is slow and natural. The conflict is real, especially with strong secondary characters like Greg, Allen, and Dr. Arrington. The issue itself is one most authors wouldn’t touch. It isn’t easy or popular to address from a Biblical perspective. The last “celebrity” to try created a firestorm. That’s why June Foster is the perfect author to go there.

Ryan’s Father isn’t an easy book to read because of the topic, but it’s important. At the end she shares her heart with readers in a tender way that embodies the story itself. And she writes something that I think is important not to overlook. Ryan’s Father is for anyone seeking freedom from the issue she writes about. If anyone reading loves someone living in this lifestyle, don’t force the issue or the book on them. It’s the last thing June would want.

But to read a natural progression of a flawed friendship between two broken people, it doesn’t get any better. In top notch writing from June, and in content that I’m so glad she addressed.

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I received Ryan’s Father from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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