pen-paper_zps90ecf193 (2)I admit, this is more my observation than something I’m personally learning from. But it was a visual God dropped on my lap that reminded me of something, so I’m going with it.

I don’t know how it works where you live, but in Ohio, construction just comes out of nowhere. When I lived in Upstate NY we had a good 20 miles heads up with that amount of orange cones blocking a lane for 10 feet of work. But here, you’re driving and bam, there is the crew. And you’re stuck behind them.

Earlier this week that happened, but I happened to be in the unaffected lane. I saw it ahead and knew I didn’t have cars behind me for a bit. So I gestured for the lady stuck in the lane to go ahead.

She stayed.

I gestured again.

She still stayed. With blinkers on, wishing to be in the lane I’m trying to let her move to.

I gestured one more time, the cars once far behind me heading fast to right behind me.

And we both ran out of time. I had to get moving or there would be two lanes not moving. I moved forward while the lady sat there, still waiting for an opportunity that I was seconds ago willing to give her.2-21-12-Conesatnight

It hit me.

The lady missed a blessing.

At least, that’s what the visual looked like to me. I really wanted to help her, and for whatever reason, she didn’t take the bite. And she was left behind while I got to move forward.

Someone in my circle realized they had been the lady stuck behind sudden construction. Time after time people tried to bless them, and they refused. They thought it was the better thing to do, but it wasn’t the case. The bottom line was they refused a blessing. I know, because my offerings were refused and it took me a long time not to take it personally. I just wanted to be kind and do something nice. For it to be rejected, well, it made no sense.

Just like the lady who had ample time to take advantage of getting in the lane she desired, but didn’t.

Made no sense.

So if someone is trying to gift you, bless you, help in some way, don’t be like the lady who denied herself the opportunity to get in the lane she wanted when she had chance after chance.

Don’t miss a blessing!

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