I’m late to the party. I’ve heard of Christine Caine, saw some quotes attributed to her on Facebook, but had not read any of her books or knew her story.

Then I read Undaunted: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do, Student Edition.

Christine shares her story about identity, loss, confusion, and rejection. She weaves together her story with feelings and circumstances teens can relate to. Not making a team. Not trusting people. Afraid. Wanting to do something amazing, but only hearing all the reasons why it will never work.

And like a beautiful song, she builds to a crescendo, hammering  theme of undaunted. Despite fears. Despite the past. Despite the discouragement—we’ve been called for more, and God will equip.

The book shares her passion to help people trapped in the s*x slave industry, and despite all the odds, she cofounded The A21 campaign. I wondered at first if teens would gloss over such a thing, as important as it is, because teens can be self absorbed. Then I remembered the youth from my church. They sacrificed a week in the summer to minister at The Dream Center. My teens was so inspired he plans to go next year. My generation was self absorbed. The teens today get it. They are the world changers, and Undaunted will give them ample inspiration.

Undaunted is a book I highly recommend. If an adult can’t get their hands on the regular edition, don’t be afraid to read the student edition. I was just as inspired.9780310743101


Undaunted: Student Edition, Christine Caine uses her dramatic life story to show teens how God rescued her from a life where she was unnamed, unwanted, and unqualified. She tells how she overcame abuse, abandonment, fears, and other challenges to go on a mission of adventure, fueled by faith and filled with love and courage. Her personal stories inspire teens to hear their name called, just as Christine heard her own—“You are beloved. You are the hope. You are chosen”—to go into a dark and troubled world, knowing each of us possess all it takes to bring hope, create change, and live completely for Christ. Part inspirational tale, part manifesto to stir readers to lives of adventure, Undaunted: Student Edition shows the way with spiritual wisdom and insight.

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I received an ARC from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.

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