This week, Clash of the Titles, presents Author Miralee Ferrell’s latest release. It’s “a powerful novel that blends the warmth and heart of historical romance with a deep exploration of difficult family dynamics.”
Blowing on Dandelions
Book 1 – Love Blossoms in Oregon
by Miralee Ferrell
In 1880 Oregon, Katherine
Galloway, a widow, must raise her daughters and run a boardinghouse alone. But
when her controlling, outspoken mother comes to live with her, and with her
older daughter who has just turned thirteen, the 
pressure on Katherine becomes close to overwhelming.
She must find the faith, wisdom, and courage to transform her life and relationships,
especially now that new-in-town widower, Micah Jacobs, begins to capture her
Ferrell speaks to women’s
heartfelt struggles
from family dysfunction to single
parenthood—-while offering faith-filled hope, all wrapped in an uplifting,
true-to-life romance.
Miralee Ferrell
is multi-published in contemporary and historical romance, is a speaker,
accredited counselor, and American Christian Fiction Writers chapter president.
She and her husband enjoy horseback riding, sailing, and family gatherings around
their eleven-acre property in Washington State’s beautiful Columbia River


* Living It Out by Shai

“ . . . I think one of the best themes behind the book, is
the way Katherine handles her very difficult mother. She manages to show what
the bible says in honoring thy mother. A fantastic example of ordinary life
working to live out the gospel. I would recommend this book to anyone,
including my teenage daughter. It was a delightful story that captured not only
my attention but my heart as well.”

* Blowing on Dandelions has an Unexpected Depth, by M. Myhren-Bennett “Blooming with Books”

“There is an unexpected depth to Blowing on Dandelions that
is hidden within the covers. A valuable lesson to look beneath the surface of a
person’s personality to see the true person is wrapped up in a delightfully
entertaining story. I for one look forward to reading the future installments
of this series and learning more about the people of Baker City, Oregon.”

* Captivating story about family and love and forgiveness, by ~Cindi

“This a sweet story about love, family, forgiveness and
hope. I really enjoyed the friendship that forms between characters. The author
has a nice way of disclosing each one’s spirit needed to bring them to life.
Having the strength Katherine has, proves that following what the Bible teaches
is possible, but not necessarily easy . . ..”


“Ferrell (The Other Daughter) examines the many facets of
love and relationships in this sweetly moving historical romance, the first in
her LOVE BLOSSOMS IN OREGON series. … Katherine’s interactions—with her mother,
her daughter, the church quilting club, and the new man in town—are explored in
a wonderfully realistic fashion….”

—Publishers Weekly

“In her sweet historical romance novel, Ferrell shows
readers the struggles that women, especially widows with children, faced when
they tried to make a life for themselves in the Oregon Territory in the 1800s.
It was a hard life, and only the strong could make it.”

“Ferrell has created characters you’ll root for, and the
attitudes feel appropriate for the time in this tender romance. The
relationships of mothers and daughters in this story speak deeply of the need
for acceptance, love, and respect from one’s parents.”
 -Susan Page Davis,
award-winning author of the Prairie Dreams and Texas Trails series
“ This is more than a heart-tugging romance—though it is that—but it is also a mind-challenging read that will leave us in a different place than when we began.”
 -Kathi Macias, author of Red Ink
“In Katherine Galloway, Miralee Ferrell has created a woman who models grace. As the story unfolds, readers see Katherine’s faith lived out in a way that’s authentic, challenging, and encouraging. “
-Stephanie Grace Whitson, author of The Quilt Chronicles series
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