Each Sunday I post my own amateur nature picture with a thought or two about God’s love for you.

This isn’t the best picture, but it’s a typical fall morning.

Full of fog with glimpses of beauty.

Is that where you are today? Can’t figure out the literal season you are in–unable to even take two steps forward because it is so murky?

Been there.

As confusing as it is, there are glimpses of beauty in the fog. They aren’t the answers, but to me, signposts. Little encouragements you haven’t been forgotten. You’re on the right track. Keep up those baby steps, the clearing will come.

What beauty are you missing that is your signpost? A chubby, sticky toddler finger grasping yours? A beautiful pumpkin and mum spread as you walk by? The aroma of an apple pie from a loved one’s kitchen?

God’s little love nudges are so simple I know I miss many of them.

I hope you find some beauty in the fog today.

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