Well if the year ended right now, I’d have my favorite fiction and non fiction reads in the bag already. Since that’s not fair to the authors releasing books in the next nine months, I’ll leave you with a review today.

I am Second very well could be my first choice for 2012 read of the year.

This was a theme that my son came home with after attending a youth retreat, but I had no idea it was a book. Written by Dave Sterrett and Doug Bender, it is full of stories about radical change where they now live second. Living in first place, of course, is Jesus Christ.

I’m a huge fan of personal account stories/testimonies but I am Second is so much more than that. The stories are not feel good, happy all the time, that was nice to read for something different. I am Second is honest, empowering, moving, emotional, and if you allow it, life-changing. Every single story, whether by a celebrity or not, shares feelings and experiences that come from a broken place, but the ending is more than happy. It’s eternal.

Of all the stories, I was impacted by the one I have least in common with, Brian “Head” Welch, the one I read about who was in the rock band Korn who is now a Christian. His redemption story is one I’m still thinking about. You have to read it.

There is nothing quite as compelling as a personal story–an account of someone’s life, radically changed. This book is filled with some of these amazing stories.

Across North America and around the world, millions of people are proclaiming a new anthem: “I Am Second.” No longer are they number one. These people have come alive to the truth that God has a plan for this world…a plan that specifically  includes them. In this book you will discover their stories–some from notable people and some not so well known– who have had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and are walking in radical  obedience by putting Him first in their lives.

These stories are raw and real, dealing with the darkest moments of the human experience. Addictions, depression, infidelity, abortion, cancer, pornography, loneliness, jealousy, divorce, war…each story shows the redemptive power of Jesus…bringing purpose and true joy to every secret place of life. Along with each story, there are also helpful insights from the Bible and authentic life application for you or a group of your friends to discuss.

Your story may not be included in this book…but you too can be a Second.


To purchase I am Second, click here.

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